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Promises taken from the Prophet's introductions to the Home Evening Manuals

"Early in 1915 the First Presidency of the Church advised the parents of Zion as follows:

"We advise and urge the inauguration of a Home Evening throughout the Church, at which time fathers and mothers may gather their boys and girls about them in the home, and teach them the words of God...If the Saints obey this counsel, we promise that great blessings will result.  Love at home and obedience to parents will increase, faith will be developed in the hearts of the youth of Israel, and they will gain power to combat the evil influences and temptations which beset them.'"

1965 Manual (I think this is the 1st manual printed by the church for this program).

"Great blessings come to those who carry out this responsibility.  Last year's lessons have brought many families closer to one another, and have brought a great measure of peace and harmony in many homes.

"We feel to say to you again, with our love and earnest assurances, that the Lord will grant rich blessings to all who will prayerfully and sincerely carry out this program."

"No other success can compensate for failure in the home."

1966 - Pres. McKay

"Most earnestly and urgently we call upon parents to assume their full responsibility for teaching and living the gospel in the home.

"Families will be blessed.  There will be better feelings between husband and wife, between parents and children, and among children.  In such homes the Spirit of the Lord will be made manifest."

1967 - Pres. McKay

"The importance of family unity--love and consideration for one another in the family--cannot be overemphasized.  Spiritual solidarity in family relationships is the sure foundation upon which the Church and society itself will flourish.  This fact is well known and appreciated by the adversary, and as never before, he is using every clever device, influence, and power within his control to undermine and destroy this eternal institution.  Only the gospel of Jesus Christ applied in family relationships will thwart this devilish destructiveness."

1970 - Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith

"Couples whose children are grown can receive strength by setting aside one night a week to be with each other and engage in activities of an eternal importance.  Young couples awaiting the joy of their own family can be drawn ever closer together by having regular home evenings.  In so doing, they prepare for the great challenges of parenthood."

1971 - Pres. Jos. Fielding Smith

"Do you spend as much time making your family and home successful as you do in pursuing social and professional success?  Are you devoting your best creative energy to the most important unit in society--the family."

1973 - Pres. Harold B. Lee

"We cannot impress too much the importance of having family home evenings once a week.

"...that you may be rewarded by a fulfillment of the promise that if fathers and mothers will discharge this responsibility, not one in a hundred of your family, as has been said by the leaders who have preceded us, would ever go astray."

1974 - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball

"Family home evening is for everyone.  It is for families with parents and children, for families with just one parent, and for parents who have no children at home.  It is for home evening groups of single adults and for those who live alone or with roommates.

"Regular participation in family home evening will develop increased personal worth, family unity, love for our fellowmen, and trust in our Father in heaven.  It is our PROMISE that great blessings will come to all who conscientiously plan and hold weekly family home evenings."

1976 - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball

"We promise again that as you faithfully plan and hold quality family home evenings, you will gain strength to withstand the temptations of the world and will receive many blessings which will help qualify you to enjoy your families through eternity in the Celestial Kingdom."

1978 - Pres. Kimball: