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General Resources

Channels of Power (Ordinances) -- J. Thomas Fyans

"Five tips for a better Sacrament Meeting Talk" - Deseret News

He Did it For Me (Story about the Sacrament)

"How to Prepare a Great Sacrament Talk" (LDSLiving)

"Lessons from taking the Sacrament" Deseret News

Sacrament Meeting Images and Clipart

Taking the Sacrament with the right hand

"This Do in Remembrance of Me" - Jeffrey Holland (excerpt from Gen. Conf.--wear white shirts)



Quotes on Sacrament (LDS Daily Wool)

BYU Speeches

"The Savior, the Sacrament, and Self-Worth" - Women's Conf. - Truman G. Madsen

Scriptures Guide to the Scriptures: Sacrament

General Conference

"Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament" - Dallin H. Oaks

"This Do in Remembrance of Me" - Jeffrey Holland

"Thoughts on the Sacrament" - Howard W. Hunter



Additional Articles

"Classic Discourses from the General Authorities: The Sacramental Covenant" - Elder Melvin J. Ballard

“Enjoying Sacrament Meeting with Children” - Ensign

"One Word at a Time" - New Era

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Always Remember Him"


"Take it Personally"

Mormonads for Sacrament

Lessons in Church Manuals

"The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper" - Howard W. Hunter

"The Sacrament" Aaronic Priesthood

"The Significance of the Sacrament" - Joseph Fielding Smith


"Sacrifice and Sacrament" (12.41)


"Always Remember Him" - video, etc.

Family Home Evening Lessons and More for Children

Questions and Answers about the Sacrament, Friend Magazine

"Sacrament Time," May 2007 Friend Magazine

Sacrament (

Sacrament Meeting (

FHE: "Partaking of the Sacrament" (Resource Book at

FHE: "The Sacrament" (LDSLiving)

FHE "The Sacrament" (PDF)

Library Books and CDs

"The Sacrament" - John Bytheway (Children's book)

"Of These Emblems: Coming Closer to Christ through the Sacrament."