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General Resources

Experience  of Max Pinegar while President of the MTC in Provo

"Inspiring Lessons from Stories of Pioneer Women"

"Sacifice - Stories from Gen. Conf. (ldsradio)

"Obedience, Consecration, and Sacrifice" -  Bruce R. McConkie

"Pioneer Sacrifice: Story of three 18 year old Boys"

Sacrifice and Self-Sufficiency

Sacrifice   --   Monte Brough

The Choice (choosing between what is easy and what is hard)

The Rich Family In Our Church

The Violin  -  A story of sacrifice  -  President Thomas S. Monson



Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)



BYU Speeches

"Between Two Gardens: The Law of Sacrifice" - Monte J. Brough

"Principles of Sacrifice" - Robert D. Hales

"To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice"

Additional Articles

"Following in Their Footsteps" - Vaughn J. Featherstone - Ensign

LDS Church Magazine Articles

"Members Recount their Willing Sacrifices for Temple Blessings"

"Stories of Sacrifice and Devotion: The People Who Built and Loved a Temple"

"The Blessings of Sacifice" - Ensign

"Worth Every Sacrifice" - Church News

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Sacrifice" - Gospel Principles

General Conference Talks

“Sacrifice: Missionary-Style” - Adney Y. Komatsu - Ensign, Nov. 1977

“We Serve That Which We Love” Marvin J. Ashton


Videos on Sacrifice

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Love God with All Your Might"

"Once and For All"

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Obedience and Sacrifice" (PDF)

"Sacrifice" (FHE Resource Book at

"Sacrifice" (PDF)

"Sacrifice" (LDS Daily)


"Ever Willing to Sacrifice" (Fathers and Mothers)

"God and Mother"

"Grow Closer" (as a couple)

"Return Home"

"Stories of Faith and Sacrifice" (read them and record them)

"Temple Sacrifices"

"Trail of Sacrifice--Handcart Pioneers"

"Worth Every Sacrifice" (Temple work for the dead)