A Name in the Sand


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Hannah Flag Gould

Alone I walked the ocean strand
A pearly shell was in my hand
I stooped and wrote upon the sand
My name, the year, the day.

As onward from this spot I passed
One lingering look behind I cast
A wave came rolling high and fast
And washed my lines away.

And so I thought twill quickly be
With every mark on earth from me
A wave of dark oblivion sea
Will sweep across the place

Where I have trod the sandy shore
Of Time, and been, to be no more
Of me, my day, the name I bore
And leave no track nor trace.

And yet with Him who counts the sands
And holds the waters in His hands
I know a lasting record stands
Inscribed against my name

Of all this mortal part has wrought
Of all this thinking soul has thought
All from these fleeting moments caught
For glory or for shame.