Family Picture Screen Saver Idea

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See How Much Enjoyment You Will Get

If you store family photos on your computer (either downloaded from a digital camera or scanned photos), it is fun to have your personal photos come up as a slideshow on your computer as a screen saver.

Whenever you come to your computer after not using it for awhile (you set how long before the screensaver kicks in), your family pictures appear for a few seconds each, changing however many seconds you set it for.

It will bring back many wonderful family memories as you see pictures you haven't seen for a long time—-few of us really go into our photo file and view them otherwise.

Give it a try and see how much enjoyment you will get from a photo slideshow screensaver.

How to set it up will differ according to your type and model of computer, so you'll have to Google it (if you don't know how).