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Church of Jesus Christ - Topic Page on Building Self-Esteem

Church of Jesus Christ - All General Conference Talks on Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Scriptures on Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Self-Esteem in the Topical Guide

Church of Jesus Christ - Magazine Articles on Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Videos on Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Images on Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Music that talks about Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Self-Worth in the Church News

Church of Jesus Christ - Lessons in Church Manuals about Self-Worth

Church of Jesus Christ - Resources for teaching Children about Talents

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Church of Jesus Christ - All Search Results on Self-Worth

See also: Self-Reliance

General Resources

"All Girls are Princesses"  (good article -Meridian Magazine)

"Are You an Eagle or a Hog?"

Child of God (see also)

Childrens Booklist

Don't Put Yourself Down

"Finding a Niche" -  The Spoken Word

Know Your Value

Missionary with poor self-esteem

My Declaration of Self-Esteem

No Less Serviceable - Pres. Howard W. Hunter - Excerpt from BYU Fireside

Twenty-dollar Bill

Quotes on Self Worth

Wemmick People  -  "You are Special"

Wranglers and Stranglers

You are Wonderful

General Conference

Finding One's Identity - Bishop Victor L. Brown - April 1983

Forget Me Not - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - October 2011

In His Strength - Marvin J. Ashton - (you are not a nobody)

Integrity - Carol B. Thomas - April 2000

Not Withstanding My Weakness  -  Neal A. Maxwell

Remember Who You Are! - Elaine S. Dalton - April 2010

The Light Within You -  President Gordon B. Hinckley - April 1995

The Sanctity of the Body - Susan W. Tanner - October 2005

There are Many Gifts - Marvin J. Ashton

To Young Women - Jeffrey R. Holland - October 2005

Womanhood: The Highest Place of Honor - James E. Faust - April 2000

Youth of Noble Birthright - L. Tom Perry - October 1998

Additional Articles

"If Your Talents Come Incognito"

"Lessons in Baseball"

"Look Up" - Elder Carl B. Cook - Ensign

“The Award,” Jack Weyland  -  New Era

“Understanding Who We Are Brings Self-Respect” -Pres. Harold B. Lee - Ensign

 "Who Are We?"  -  Meridian Magazine article by Truman G. Madsen

BYU Speeches

A Place Within His Heart - Sharon G. Samuelson - January 10, 2006

An Eye Single - Patricia T. Holland - September 10, 1985

Change Attitude/Keep Strong Self-Worth - J. Clifford Wallace - November 28, 1995

"Filling the Measure of Your Creation" -  Patricia Holland - January 17, 1989

Honest, Simple, Solid, True - C. Terry Warner - January 16, 1996

Infinite: Your Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Self - Michael Crow - May 23, 2017

"Knowing Who You Are—and Who You Have Always Been" - Sheri L. Dew - 2001

"The Savior, the Sacrament, and Self-Worth" - Truman G. Madsen - 2001

"No Less Serviceable" - Howard W. Hunter - September 2, 1990

On Feeling Inferior - Paul H. Dunn - October 25, 1977

Realize Your Self-Worth - Jess L. Christensen - November 2, 1999

Recognizing and Building Souls of Worth - Kelly Burgener - February 13, 2018

The Best Self-Help - Erin Bennion - February 2, 2021

The Lord Doesn't Grade on a Curve - Janet G. Lee - January 24, 1995

Worth of Souls in Great - Donald D. Rydalch - August 10, 1999

Mormonads / New Era Posters

"Be Loyal to the Royal Within"

"Differences can be Appealing"

"Discover the Beauty Within"

"Don't be Two-Faced"

"Don't Limit Yourself"

"Don't Sell Yourself Short"

"Down on Yourself?"

"Good Eggs"

"Make Yourself Useful" (Make yourself available. Your gifts and talents are needed)

Mormonads on Self Worth (All)

"Somebody Special"

"There aren't any Frogs"

"You can conquer Giant Problems"



Quotes from the Daily WOOL

Quotes on Self-Confidence (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Self-Discovery (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Self Worth with large printable PDF



The Man in the Glass

The Secret Heart

Lessons in Church Manuals

"The Ability to Succeed"

"The Father as Patriarch" (building self-esteem" in wife and children)

Library Books and CDs

"Being Enough" - Chieko N. Okazaki

"You Are Special" - by Max Lucado (Children's Book)

Pics and Quotes

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote

Self Worth Quote