The Sister Who Served

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The Thank You Cards

A number of years ago, I was visiting another ward for a baby blessing. This ward had Relief Society first, and Sacrament Meeting was last. We had arrived a little early, while Sunday School was still in session, so I was sitting in the foyer to wait. There was also a young mother there with a wiggly toddler.

Another woman came in from outside. She told the young mother that she had not been able to get there for Relief Society that morning and asked about the lesson given.

The young mother said something amazing had happened. The lesson had been on gratitude. Near the end of the lesson, the teacher had passed out a new thank you card and pen to each person and said she would give them about 5 minutes to write a thank you note to one of the R.S. sisters in the room.

At the end of the 5 minutes, the teacher asked everyone to get up and give their thank you to the sister they had written to.

The young mother said that the amazing thing was that almost every sister in the room gave their thank you note to the same sister!


I have thought about that many times over the years. I am sure that the thank you cards were not given because the recipient was attractive, had a good sense of personal style, or had a good figure. I feel sure that the card wasn't given because that special sister had a big beautiful spotlessly clean home, was a great home decorator, or drove a nice car. I doubt it was because that sister had perfectly behaved children or had no problems of her own.

I will never know what that special sister had done for each of those sisters—sisters of all different ages and with all different needs—that made them love and appreciate her so much.

I wonder if she prayed each day for her sister friends, for the Lord to let her know of their needs and how she might help them, and then she had acted on those promptings.

I would like to be like that sister.

by Marjorie Westra