Somebody Has To Do It

Mom Sweeping

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The Daily Grind

The daily grind
Moves forth and on,
Repeating tasks I've done before.
The little things,
The endless list
Of home support and mopping floors.
No degree
Upon my wall
For what I do from day to day;
The mention of
Each menial task
Yields little interest sent my way.
Homemaking is
Elusive art,
Rarely embraced or seen as best.
But truly is
Life's greatest work
(When left undone, one finds a mess!)
And so I stand
With head erect;
I am the rudder of my home.
I do the work
Unsung by most.
Embraced by God, I'm not alone.

Colette B Oldham 10/99 St. Augustine, Florida Dedicated to Colleen Busby, my "partner in grind" who inspired this poem with the words "Somebody has to do it" as she celebrated the value of homemaking

(Used by permission from the author)