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Hymns and Primary Songs

Oh, What Songs of the Heart                       

Hymn # 286

Rise, Ye Saints, and Temples Enter            

Hymn # 287

How Beautiful Thy Temples, Lord              

Hymn # 288

Holy Temples on Mount Zion                      

Hymn # 289

Rejoice, Ye Saints of Latter Days               

Hymn # 290

Turn Your Hearts                                         

Hymn # 291

"The Hearts of the Fathers are Turning"                      

Janice Kapp Perry

"How Many Hearts Have Been Turned"                      

Janice Kapp Perry


Amy Grant

"Through Temple Doors"

Amy Grant

"Do You Have My Name?"

"Our Family Can Be Forever"                   

Muhlestein and Killpack

"Turn Your Hearts"                                    

Arr. by   Stephanie Mecham

"To Those Who Came Before Me"

Sally DeFord

"Family History--I Am Doing It"

Friend,   July 2003,   p. 15