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LDS.org: General Conference Talks mentioning Spencer W. Kimball

LDS.org: General Conference Talks given by Spencer W. Kimball

LDS.org Church History: Spencer W. Kimball

General Resources

Not Killing Animals Needlessly  (excerpt from Gen. Conf.)

Spencer W. Kimball and poetry (PDF)

Story  (very short): (from the life of Spencer W. Kimball)

Teachings of the Prophets

The Helpful Stranger (Airport Story)


Spencer W. Kimball Quotes

Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference

"Miracles among the Lamanites" - Gene R. Cook

"Spencer W. Kimball: A True Disciple of Christ" - Marvin J. Ashton

"The Day of the Lamanites" - Spencer W. Kimball - 1960

The Prophet and the Prison - Marvin J. Ashton

Additional Articles

President Kimball Speaks Out on Service to Others - New Era

"Small Acts of Service" - Ensign

"Spencer Kimball and Recharging the Battery" - Ensign  (very good story)

"Spencer W. Kimball: The Arizona Years" - New Era

"Spencer W. Kimball: Man of Action" - Ensign

"The False Gods We Worship" - Ensign

"The Family Influence" - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign

BYU Speeches

Speeches given by Spencer W. Kimball

Church Manuals

President Spencer W. Kimball - Seminary Teacher Resource Manual

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball


All Spencer W. Kimball Videos

Ministry of Spencer W. Kimball: Expanded Missionary Force

Preparation of Spencer W. Kimball: A Young Boy Reads the Entire Bible

Spencer W. Kimball: Documentary

Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball: Man of Compassion

Family Home Evening / Children

FHE: "Listen and Obey" (PDF) (LDSFamilyFun) 

Video Clip - Story of President Kimball's Operation

FHE: Spencer W. Kimball (LDSLiving)

Spencer W. Kimball attends Primary - Friend Magazine

"Study and Learn" - Friend Magazine