Write Your Own Script


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Ardeth G. Kapp

Even as we endeavor to play our various parts in their appropriate seasons, there will continually be self-appointed stage managers who, not knowing or caring about the script, will shout from the wings, "You're playing the wrong part.  You don't want the supporting role.  That isn't important.  Why be a supporting actor when you can be the star?  Be front stage.  Move in.  Let them know who you are.  This is your chance to win the applause."

There are those who would attempt to revise, rewrite, and restructure the script, changing the sacred roles of men and women, modifying the scenes and seasons, adjusting the morals and models where possible, and even altering the main stage, the home, in which the most important drama of life should unfold.

There are always loud voices assuming authorship while abdicating stewardship.  You and I may never win acclaim, and society may never know us beyond the street where we live, or because one calling or position may be in the public eye more than another.  But I am sure that when the lights have gone out and the curtain is closed on our second act, the opinions of others, the acceptance and applause of the crowd, will be a haunting echo if our Father's approval is in question." 

(Ardeth G. Kapp, book:  My Neighbor, My Sister, My Friend,  Deseret Book Co., 1990, p. 7:)  (Quoted in the book:  Everyday Battles by Bette S. Molgard, Bookcraft, 1999, p. 55)