Talk Ideas for Children / Youth

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources)

This page is designated to giving Children and Youth ideas for topics and content for talks

Resources for a Talk on Agency

"Agency and Accountability" - For the Strength of Youth

Agency and Accountability - Mormonads

Do As I'm Doing - Story on Agency

"Special Witness: How Can I Make the Right Decisions When Bad Things Are All Around" Article by Elder Richard G. Scott

Resources for a Talk on the Atonement

"The Atonement of Jesus Christ" - Lesson 22: Primary 3 Manual

"The Bridge"

Big boy taking whipping for smaller boy in schoolroom (told by Pres. Hinckley & Faust)

The Parable of the Forgiving Landlord

"The Room"

"Seminary Donuts"  

Why Is the Savior's Atonement Important? - Dallin H. Oaks

Resources for a Talk on Baptism

Analogy used at a Stake Baptism

Baptism (True to the Faith Manual at

Baptism ( - Stories / Activities / Media)

"Baptism and the name of Christ"    (FHE lesson from Resource Book)

Ideas for Baptism (for children 8 years old)    (link to

"Baptism" talk (link to the Strong Armor

"Understanding Baptism" - June 2013 Friend Magazine

"Washed Clean" - President Boyd K. Packer - April 1999 Friend Magazine

Resources for a Talk on the Book of Mormon

Resources for teaching Children about the Book of Mormon

Resources for a Talk on Family History

A Century of Genealogy

Grandpa's Goodhue's Hand-Me-Down Smile

Resources for a Talk on Forgiveness

Be More Forgiving - Story

Peace in Forgiving - Story

The Shiny Bicycle - Video about Forgiveness

Resources for a Talk on the New Children and Youth Program

Children and Youth -

Personal Development - Children's Guidebook

Personal Development - Youth Guidebook

Additional Resources for a talk on Family History

Resources for a Talk on Repentance

Story of a Girl and Her Splinter

Resources for a Talk on Sacrament

Jesus Taught about the Sacrament - Story of the Last Supper

The Importance of Taking the Sacrament - Ideas for Teaching

What Should I Think About When I Take the Sacrament?

Resources for a Talk on a Testimony

Growing a Testimony - Marcus B. Nash

The Beginning of a Testimony - Steven E. Snow

The Most Powerful Motivating Force - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Three Ways to Build a Strong Testimony - Thomas S. Monson

Resources for a Talk on Trials

Grandma's Cake - Parable about Trials

Resources for a Talk on Obedience

The Parable of the 2 Geese and a Tortoise

Resources for a Talk on Tithing

A Dime from a Dollar - Story of Tithing

Blessings of Tithing - Henry B. Eyring

Just One Coin - Story and Activity on Tithing

Tithing Shoes - Story of Tithing

Video - Jesus Teaches about the Widow's Mite

Where Does Tithing Go? - Simple Explanation

Resources for a Talk on Word of Wisdom

Addiction or Freedom - Russell M. Nelson

Story of Joseph Smith's Leg Operation

Doctrine and Covenants Stories - The Word of Wisdom

Martin's Choice - Story of Living the Word of Wisdom

Trouble in a Teapot - Amy's Story

Resources for a Talk on the Godhead

Description of the Godhead

Five Principles about the Godhead

Joseph Smith Saw Two Personages - Story

The Godhead - Gordon B. Hinckley


Poem on Prophets

Poem on Kindness

Poem on Sacrament

Poem on Family History

Poem on the Holy Ghost

Find More Poems from the Friend Magazine

Resources for Various Prophets and Scripture Heros


Alma the Younger


Captain Moroni

Daniel (And the Lions Den)

David and Goliath





Jacob (Israel)

Jesus Christ

John the Baptist


Joseph of Egypt

Joseph Smith




Moroni (the Prophet)






Samuel the Lamanite


Stripling Warriors

Videos and Other Media

Children's Bible Videos

Prophet Videos

Meet the Apostles

Bible Videos

One in a Million Videos