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Church of Jesus Christ - Topic Page on Teaching the Gospel

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Church of Jesus Christ - Scriptures on Teaching

Church of Jesus Christ - Bible Dictionary on Education

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General Resources

LDS.org: Teaching in the Savior's Way Worldwide Training Broadcast

"A Teacher's Impact"

Boyd K. Packer and Warnings from Teachers - war experience at age 19 

Children's Booklist

If the Trumpet Give an Uncertain Sound  --  a Seminary teacher's experience

Live in Your Time - Vaughn J. Featherstone

R. S. teacher's lesson has far-reaching results - personal exp. told at BYU Dev.

Rose lesson idea

Rules of the Game

The Teacher

Who Am I? --  a mission president's wife's answer to prayer about what to teach


Creative Thinking

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They are Hatched

The Parable of the Pear Tree

The Parable of the Personal Angel

Tragedy at Rayad


Quotes on Teaching with large printable PDF

Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference

A Sin-Resistant Generation - Joy D. Jones - April 2017

A Teacher Come From God -  Jeffrey Holland

After the Trial of Our Faith - Jorge M. Alvarado - October 2019

Essential Conversations - Joy D. Jones - April 2021

Fathers - D. Todd Christofferson - April 2016

Great Love for Our Father's Children - Quentin L. Cook - April 2019

How Can I Understand? - Ulisses Soares - April 2019

Teaching--No Greater Call -  M. Russell Ballard

Teaching in the Savior's Way - Jan E. Newman - April 2021

The Impact Teacher - Vaughn J. Featherstone - Ensign

Women and Gospel Learning in the Home - Henry B. Eyring - October 2018

BYU Speeches

Citizenship, Reasearch, Teaching: The BYU Way - Cecil O. Samuelson - August 26, 2008

Creating and Conveying a Christlike Culture: More Than a Job - Dale G. Renlund - August 26, 2019

"I Need Thee Every Hour" - L. Tom Perry - January 2, 1977

Live and Teach the Truth - Kim B. Clark - April 12, 2019

On Being Teachable - Kate Kirkham - May 19, 1987

Taught By The Spirit - Daniel Kerr - August 28, 2012

Teaching is a Moral Act - Henry B. Eyring - August 27, 1991

Teaching, Mentoring, and Things of the Spirit - Marvin J. Ashton - August 24, 1992

Teach the Children - Sharon G. Samuelson - September 9, 2008

Teach Them to Understand - David A. Bednar - June 4, 1998

"That All May Be Edified" - Jay E. Jensen - August 16, 2011

"That All May Be Edified of All" - John S. Tanner - August 24, 2010

The Education of the Heart - Russell T. Osguthorpe - March 21, 1995

The Why of the Y - Kevin J. Worthen - August 26, 2014

To Learn and to Teach More Effectively - Richard G. Scott - August 21, 2007


"The Bridge Builder"

"Why Teachers Fail"

Additional Articles

"A Teacher in Stocking Feet"  -  Wendell J. Ashton - Ensign

"Inspiring students to stand strong amid torrent of temptation"  -  Elder Eyring instructs CES teachers

"Only a Teacher" -  Thomas S. Monson - Ensign

“Learning to Teach as Jesus Taught: A Parent's Point of View" - Ensign

“Teaching and Learning by the Spirit” - Dallin H. Oaks - Ensign

“Teaching, Preaching, Healing,” Jeffrey R. Holland - Ensign

"The Lesson I Remember Best" -  Ensign

Object Lessons

Being in the world, but not of the world  (staying pure in a pollutted world)

Orange Analogy  (under pressure, what comes out of us is that which is in us)

Walnuts and Rice in Jar  (Put first things first, the rest will fit in)

Variations:     (1) Big Rocks          (2)  Ping Pong Ball

Lessons in Church Manuals

Teaching, No Greater Call: A Resource Guide for Gospel Teaching

Mormonads and New Era Posters

"The Right Message"

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Learning" (FHE Resource Book at lds.org)

"Learning" (LDSLiving)

Library Books and CDs

"The Voice of My Servants"- Apostolic Messages on Learning, Teaching, and Scripture

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