Jobs and Working on the Sabbath


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One Teen's Experience

April 25, 1998   (this was a letter sent to the LDS teen e-mail list)

Here is an event that happened yesterday, and I thought that I would share it with you. I was looking for a job, so that I can pay for my mission.

Well, I had originally intended to work at Sonic drive-in several months ago, but I didn't get any response to my application. So, since Sonic wasn't giving me a reply, I put in an application at Krogers. The manager told me to come back the next day and meet her at the bench in the front of the store to have an interview, which must have been because I made a good impression.
And there I was, right on time, waiting on the bench. Then the manager comes walking up and sits down beside me. We had a short conversation about the "nice day" outside, and then she asked,  "what hours would you be looking for?"
I then told her, "Well, I definitely cannot work on Sunday or on Wednesday evenings."
She then told me, "this is a Union job, and I will not be able to guarantee that you won't work on Sundays."
I replied, "Well,  I'm really sorry, but I can't work on Sundays." and then, with a hesitant voice, she said, "It was nice meeting you."
When I was going out the door, I said, "Thank you for at least considering me."

I told my Step-dad about the experience on the way home. I walked in our front door, and said to my mom, "I can't work on Sundays,"  and she knew that I wasn't hired.

Then mom said, "Mr. Thomas from Sonic called."

I was stunned for a second, and then she went on, "He wants you to start tomorrow."

While I was thus in a confused and over-joyed mood, I asked, "what time did he call?"

And my mom said, "probably at the same time that you were telling Krogers that you couldn't work on Sundays."

I called Sonic, and talked with Mr. Thomas, and he said, "actually, I was hoping that you could come in tonight."

And that is my own personal witness, that when the world closes a window in the house of opportunity, the Lord will open the garage door and let you take the ferrari for a ride.

I made $48 in 6 hours yesterday, compared to only $30 that I would have made for the same amount of time at Krogers. To some that may not be much,  but to me it is.   And I know for myself, that it was because of a simple phrase, "Well, I'm really sorry, but I can't work on Sundays."

Your Friend,