"The One" you are special

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources)

LDS.org: Top Search Results for "The One"

LDS.org: Scriptures about "the One"

General Conference Talks

"Blessing the One" - Victor L. Brown

"Concern for the One" - Joseph B. Wirthlin

"The Atonement and the Value of One Soul" - M. Russell Ballard

"The Worth of Souls is Great"  -  Paul H. Dunn 

"You Never Know Who You May Save"- Jacob de Jager (sailor-brother)

General Resources

Be a Peacemaker by Franklin D. Richards

Escalator Angel   (One can make a difference)

Florence Nightingale by President Hinckley

Keeper of the Spring

Messages from God (on buses and billboards--one person can make a difference)

"One by One" - experience shared in Gen. Conf. by Elder Ronald Rasband

Personal Ministry to a Discouraged Missionary

Service is Individual  (some thoughts from Chieko Okasaki)

The "One" --  Chieko Okasaki  --  story about Tabernacle Choir usher




I am Only One


One Drop

One is a Very Important Crowd

The Value of One Member

BYU Speeches

"Anywhere"--The Power of the One

"One by One" - Merrill Bateman

Additional Articles

LDS.org: Many Church Magazine articles

"Be the One"

“One on One” - Ensign

Teddy -- fictional teaching story about the difference a teacher can make

“Sweet Service for Matthew,” Ensign, (one person can make a difference)

"The Candy Bomber" - New Era Article

“The One Who Made a Difference”- New Era

"The Power of One" -  Ensign

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Reaching Out to the One"

God is aware of Each One of Us

Eli Pierce Story

The Value of One Relationship - Marilyn Bateman's experience

Heavenly Father is mindful of each of His children - James D. Stice's wife's experience