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President Thomas S. Monson: Always "on the Lord's Errand" - Jeffrey R. Holland - Liahona

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Teachings of the Prophets

BYU Speeches

Talks given at BYU by Thomas S. Monson


7 Powerful Poems President Thomas S. Monson has shared in General Conference

General Conference

"Who Honors God, God Honors"


Standards of Strength

Church Manuals

Thomas S. Monson: Sixteenth President of the Church - Student Manual

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All Thomas S. Monson Videos

Video: Ministry of Thomas S. Monson: Rebuilding Lives

Video: Teachings of Thomas S. Monson: Rescuing Those in Need

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Family Home Evening / Children

FHE: President Thomas S. Monson (PDF)

Prophet Portrait: President Thomas S. Monson - Friend Magazine