Gift of Tongues


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Robert D. Hales

"We are told by prophets in this dispensation that revelation for the direction of the Church will not be given through the gift of tongues.  The reason for this is that it is very easy for Lucifer to falsely duplicate the gift of tongues and confuse the members of the Church.

"Satan has the power to trick us as it pertains to some of the gifts of the Spirit.  One in which he is the most deceptive is the gift of tongues.  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young explained the need to be cautious when considering the gift of tongues.

'You may speak in tongues for your own comfort, but I lay 
this down for a rule, that if anything is taught by the gift of 
tongues, it is not to be received for doctrine.  (Teachings, p. 229)

'Speak not in the gift of tongues without understanding it, 
or without interpretation.  The devil can speak in tongues. 
(Teachings, p. 162)

'The gift of tongues is not...empowered to dictate...the 
church.  All gifts and endowments given of the Lord to 
members of His church are not given to control the church; 
but they are under the control and guidance of the priest- 
hood, and are judged by it.'  (JD 11:136

"The gift of tongues is used by missionaries to teach the gospel to the nations of the world." 

(Excerpt from:  Speeches, 1991-93, "Gifts of the Spirit", p. 137)