Two Geese and a Tortoise

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Old Fable

In the northern provinces of Canada there is a version of an old fable about two geese and a tortoise. They had a strong friendship. The story goes something like this:

When fall arrived, the geese planned to migrate south for the winter. One evening the geese worried about the situation of their friend, the tortoise.

“It’s too bad that you can’t fly,” said one of the geese. “You will certainly miss us. How will you survive?”

“I have an idea,” responded the tortoise. “Why not find a good stick that you can hold in your beaks? I will hold onto it with my teeth. Thus, when you fly south, I will fly with you.”

“Do you think you are strong enough to hold on for such a long time?” asked the other goose.

“Certainly. I am very strong,” said the tortoise.

A few days later, somewhere over Montana, a farmer raised his eyes and saw something unbelievable: two geese flying over his head with a stick in their beaks and a tortoise holding onto the stick.

He cried out, “That’s incredible! Who had such a great idea?”

Knowing that it was his idea, the tortoise couldn’t resist and cried out, “It was I!”

And the tortoise fell.

"For When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong" - Gerald Causse' - BYU Dev. Dec. 03, 2013