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By Tina Cook

Years ago as Valentine's Day approached, my better-half and I became upset that we didn't have any money to buy each other a gift to show how much we truly meant to each other. We kept hoping that somehow, someway we could come up with even a few dollars for a card, but utilities were due, groceries had to be bought and there wasn't even an extra dollar to squeeze out of anywhere. I wasn't concerned about him buying me anything, but I could see in his face that he wanted to and was hurt that he couldn't.

On Valentine's morning my "love" left the house with only a kiss, a hurried "I love you" and an apology that things weren't better financially. After he left, I couldn't help myself, and I sat down and cried because I could feel his pain over our situation and I wanted so much to give him him a gift that matched no other. After I had a good cry, I decided to quit feeling sorry for myself because of what I couldn't give him and try to focus on what I could. I had always been good at writing and what follows was a gift that came from my heart, not from my wallet and we have treasured it more because of that fact.


People say Valentine's is for giving
a dozen roses or diamond rings.
But, I just want your love,
I don't need those other things.

I don't need pretty flowers
or cards trimmed in lace.
All I need is you by my side
with a smile upon your face.

When you hold me in your arms,
when I feel your loving touch
I have to thank the "Man Upstairs"
for giving me so much.

And when I look into your eyes
I know the happiness that I see
Is only a reflection of
all the love you're giving me.

Our financial situation has greatly improved through the years, but each year we read this poem and remember that it's not what you give, nor the amount of money you spend, it is what you feel in your heart that counts. Happy Valentine's Day to All! —

Tina Cook, Douglasville, Georgia