We Need You

Heavenly Father

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George A. Jeffs

We wait here in the spirit world 
with open arms and love without restraint. 
We wait for the actions of our relatives 
or some other dear and loving saint.

For one reason or another 
our work was not completed while on earth. 
Please, dear friend, please review each life 
from death back to their birth.

Please fill the gaps that you find blank 
and help us on our way. 
We need your help so desperately, dear friend, 
we pray for such each day.

We know, dear friend, that you are busy 
with things of great import. 
We also know, dear friend, that you 
would not purposely place our salvation on abort.

Please search our trees, seek out our names 
and determine what our stance. 
Then, dear friend, please complete 
all ordinances and covenants to help us to advance.

We look down upon you each and every day 
and envy the power that is yours. 
We realize that in one instantaneous decision 
you could unlock our prison doors.

We are relying, dear friend, on your family history and temple work 
to help to see us through. 
We say with great gratitude and anticipation 
that our return to our Heavenly Father, dear friend, depends decidedly on you.

George A. Jeffs, January 12, 1998