Only What I Need

Man Praying

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Michael Dubina

God seldom, gives me what I want 
But gives me what I need. 
I ask for wealth, He gives me health- 
For love, He gives me seeds. 
"Go sow the seeds", He seems to say, 
And love will grow for you, 
And health will be the wealth you need 
To share the loves you grew."

And when I pray for worldly goods 
And comforts of a king, 
He fills my heart with little joys, 
For simple, common things; 
And when I beg for things I see- 
Of envy to my mind- 
He guides my steps to happy souls 
Who are completely blind.

So, now, I just come unto Him 
In simple, humble prayer 
And only ask He keep me safe 
From harm and life's despair.

For He has shown that He will not 
Reward my prayers of greed. 
And will not give me what I want- 
But only what I need.