Word of Wisdom

Word Of Wisdom

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Obey the Word of Wisdom and Receive Inspiration

"Young people, stay in condition to respond to inspiration.

I have come to know also that a fundamental purpose of the Word of Wisdom has to do with revelation.

From the time you are very little we teach you to avoid tea, coffee, liquor, tobacco, narcotics, and anything else that disturbs your health.

And you know that we get very worried when we find one of you tampering with those things.

If those "under the influence" can hardly listen to plain talk, how can they respond to spiritual promptings that touch their most delicate feelings?

As valuable as the Word of Wisdom is as a law of health, it may be much more valuable to you spiritually than it is physically.

Even if you keep the Word of Wisdom, there are some things that can happen to you physically, but those things don't generally damage you spiritually.

When you become a father or a mother, don't live so that your children go unled because of habits that leave you uninspired.

The Lord has a way of pouring pure intelligence into our minds to prompt us, to guide us, to teach us, to warn us. You can know the things you need to know instantly. Learn to receive inspiration.

Even in our youth activities there is something to do with inspiration, for they include service to others. Inspiration comes more quickly when we need it to help others than when we are concerned about ourselves.

Now, I know that some young people resent it a little when we comment upon such things as the wild music that is served up nowadays.

Can you not see that you are not going to get much inspiration while your mind is filled with that?

The right kind of music, on the other hand, can prepare you to receive inspiration.

You should know also that, in addition to static and interference which jam the circuits, there are counterfeit signals.

Some have received revelations and heard voices that are put there deliberately by wicked sources to lead astray. You can learn to recognize those and tune them out if you will.

...If ever you are confused and feel that you are being misled, go for counsel to your parents and to your leaders."

Boyd K. Packer, excerpt from his book That All May Be Edified, p. 11-13: