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LDS.org: All Conference Talks on Wisdom

General Resources

Golden Rules for Living

I Have Learned

"Wisdom of the Ages"

Wise Sayings

General Conference Talks

"Learning the Lessons of the Past" - M. Russell Ballard - Oct. 2009

"Where is Wisdom?" - Russell M. Nielson - Oct. 1992


Quotes on Wisdom with Large Printable PDF

Quotes Site

Wisdom Quotes


"Converting Knowledge into Wisdom" - Ensign

"Filled with Life and Energy" - Ensign

"Knowledge vs. Wisdom" - Church News

Passing Knowledge and Values to the Next Generation

"Reverence for God is the Beginning of Wisdom" - Ensign

"The Quest for Wisdom" - Ensign

Mormon Ads and Media Library

Joseph Smith Seeks Wisdom from the Bible

"Tight Squeeze"


"How to Be Wise"

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Give Me Wisdom" (PDF)

"King Solomon: Man of Wisdom, Man of Foolishness"