A Woman's Prayer

praying woman

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Joy Saunders Lundberg

Dear Father, how I want to be 
All that thou designed for me, 
For in thy plan I know I'll find 
The joy that brings true peace of mind.

Please help me build within my soul 
A gentleness with self-control. 
And help me ever be aware 
Of others who may need my care.

Oh, help me learn the gracious art 
Of living with a happy heart. 
And open up my eyes to see 
Thy blessings here on earth for me.

Please cleanse my soul of all past sin. 
Let sweet forgiveness enter in, 
That I may know the fulness of 
My Savior's pure atoning love.

Dear Father, help me see my worth, 
And find a balance here on earth, 
Then in each season's time fulfill 
The goals that match thy holy will.

And when the world calls out to me 
Please help me turn my heart to thee 
That I may never sacrifice 
The things that matter most in life.

Help me remember who I am, 
And, somehow, fully understand 
That I'm a daughter born of thee, 
Divine offspring of deity.