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General Resources

5 Tips to Help Kids Keep Resolutions (and you too) - Meridian Magazine

BYU Topics Archive: BYU Speeches on Goals

Get Up and Goal

Goals Are a Gateway to Growth

Keeping Your Life in Balance

Some Thoughts on Goal-Setting

Strengthen Your Sense of Self-Worth

The Choice   (between what is easy and what is hard)

Your Covenant Path



Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Goals with large printable PDF

General Conference Talks

Be Thou an Example of the Believers - Ann M. Dibb - April 2009

Deep in Our Heart - Douglas D. Holmes - April 2020

Finishers Wanted - Thomas S. Monson - April 1972

Follow the Light - Margaret D. Nadauld - April 1999

Fulfilling Our Duty to God - Robert D. Hales - October 2001

How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream? - Gordon B. Hinckley - April 2001

Life's Lessons Learned - Joseph B. Wirthlin - April 2007

Never, Never, Never Give Up! - Mary N. Cook - April 2010

On Being Genuine - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - April 2015

Our Duty to God - Cecil O. Samuelson Jr. - October 2001

Planning for a Full and Abundant Life - Spencer W. Kimball - April 1974

Return and Receive - M. Russell Ballard - April 2017

Running Your Marathan - Joseph B. Wirthlin - Oct. 198

Stay on the True Course - Carlos E. Asay - April 1996

The Challenge to Become - Dallin H. Oaks - October 2000

This Road We Call Life - Ben B. Banks - April 2002

Three Choices - Joseph B. Wirthlin - October 2003

Where Are You Really Going? - Richard L. Evans - April 1971

What is Your Destination? - Marvin J. Ashton - April 1972

You Can Do It Now - Dieter F. Uchtdorf - October 2013

Your Celestial Journey - Thomas S. Monson - April 1999

Your Light in the Wilderness - Sharon G. Larsen - April 1999



Under The Skin Of Men

BYU Speeches

26 Years to Pluto - Alan Stern - January 28, 2020

Achieving Eternal Goals Despite Life's Storms - Robert D. Hales - December 11, 2004

An Unexpected Path - Peggy S. Worthen - January 6, 2015

Doubt Not, Fear Not - Thomas S. Monson - April 24, 2003

Goals - J. Thomas Fyans

Goals and Family Life

Our Personal Game Plan - E.J. Caffaro - June 24, 2008

Seeing as Far as Forever - Joan W. Young - June 24, 2003

Some Thoughts on Goal Setting, Objectives, and Measurements

The Lord Desires Your Success

The Power of Wholehearted Living - McKay Christensen - May 9, 2017

Your Show Must Go On - Peggy S. Worthen - September 10, 2019

Additional Articles

"3 Ways Setting Goals can be Different This Year"

"5 Secrets to Summer Satisfaction" - April 2016 New Era

"Varied 'Menu' of Goals for Church Members" - Ensign

"Why Making Choices Matters" - Feb. 2014 New Era

"Would You Sell?" - Carlos Asay - New Era

Youth Voices: "Goals that Stick" - Jan. 2015 New Era

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters



"Get Carried Away"

"Hard Work is Well Worth it"

"Launch Your Future"

"Reach Higher"

"Without a Goal, You're in a Jam"

"Use it or Lose it"

Mormonads for Goals

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Setting Goals and Managing Time"

"Setting Personal and Family Goals" - Lesson 32

FHE Lessons, etc. for Teaching Children

"Baseball, Singing, Penmanship, and Perseverance"

FHE: "Future" (PDF)

FHE: "Goals"

FHE: "Goal Setting/New Year's Resolutions"

FHE: "Setting Goals" (PDF Lesson)

FHE: "Setting Goals"

Library Books & Books on CD

"Running Down Your Dreams" - Hank Smith

Pics and Quotes

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Prosperity Poem 76 - Vision

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