Stories for Children about the Holy Ghost


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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) Resources for Children (Stories / Activities / Media)

Stories from "The Friend" Magazine

“His Mother Saves His Life” (about Pres. Harold B. Lee)

“Heeding the Holy Ghost”  (about Pres. Harold B. Lee)

Steamboat caught fire (Wilford Woodruff) 

“Stop!” (a true story) 

Games and Lesson Activities for Children

“Sharing Time: One of God’s Greatest Gifts” - Friend

“Sharing Time: The Holy Ghost Can Help Me” - Friend

“Understanding the Holy Ghost” - Friend

Carlos E. Asay “Courting the Holy Ghost” - Friend - inside front cover

Poem: “The Holy Ghost Speaks Softly” - Friend

“When We Are Worthy” - Friend

Holy Ghost Crossword Puzzle - Friend

Picture of boy being confirmed (can be printed and colored)

“The Greatest Gift” - Friend

James E. Faust, “How the Holy Ghost Helps You” - Friend - inside front cover

“Gifts of the Holy Ghost” - Friend

Fiction: “Everyone But Me” - Friend

“Sharing Time:  The Godhead” - Friend

“The Gift of the Holy Ghost” - Friend

“The Holy Ghost” - Friend - inside back cover

“When Jesus Was on Earth” - Friend (Words and Music)

“Sharing Time: Keeping Promises” - Friend

“Sharing Time: Whispers of the Heart” - Friend

“The Holy Ghost” - Friend

Fiction:  Alma J. Yates - “Silent Message” - Friend

Boyd K. Packer - “The Gift of the Holy Ghost” - Friend - inside front cover

“Moroni’s Words to Us: How Will Keeping My Baptismal Covenant Help Me Follow Jesus Throughout My Life?” - Friend

Joseph Smith, “The Prophet Speaks” - Friend - inside front cover

“The Nephite Disciples Baptize: What Does Heavenly Father Promise Me When I Am Baptized?” - Friend

“Laura Had to Wait” - Friend (true story)