Always Saying "Don't"

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Edgar Albert Guest

Folks are queer as they can be,
Always sayin' “don't” to me;
Don't do this an' don't do that.
Don't annoy or tease the cat,

Don't throw stones, or climb a tree,
Don't play in the road. Oh, Gee!
Seems like when I want to play
“Don't” is all that they can say.

If I start to have some fun,
Someone hollers, “Don't you run!”
If I want to go an' play
Mother says: “Don't go away.”

Seems my life is filled clear through
With the things I mustn't do.
All the time I'm shouted at:
“No, no, Sonny, don't do that!”

Don't shout so an' make a noise,
Don't play with those naughty boys,
Don't eat candy, don't eat pie,
Don't you laugh and don't you cry,

Don't stand up and don't you fall,
Don't do anything at all.
Seems to me both night an' day
“Don't” is all that they can say.

When I'm older in my ways
An' have little boys to raise,
Bet I'll let 'em race an' run
An' not always spoil their fun;

I'll not tell 'em all along
Everything they like is wrong,
An' you bet your life I won't
All the time be sayin' “don't.”