Agency and Accountability

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Official Topic page on Agency, with additional study resources

All General Conference Talks on Agency

Official Topic page on Accountability, with additional study resources

All General Conference Talks on Accountability Resources for teaching Children about "Agency"

General Resources

"Adversity and Agency" - M. Russell Ballard (excerpt from Conf. talk)

The Choice (between doing what is easy and what is hard)

Topical Guide: Accountability



"God's Counting on You"


Inspirational Quotes of the General Authorities on Agency


Quotes on Accountability (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Agency (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes on Agency with large printable PDF


"Agency and Accountability" - For the Strength of Youth

Agency and Accountability - Mormonads

"Agency and Inspiration" Youth article by Elder Bruce R. McConkie, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

"Choice and Accountability" - YW Personal Progress

Video: "The Sting of the Scorpion"

"Which wolf will you feed?"

"Why do the choices I make matter?

General Conference Talks

"Agency: Essential to the Plan of Life" - Robert D. Hales - Oct. 2010

"Agency--a Blessing and a Burden" - Oct. 1999 -  Sharon G. Larsen

"Agency and Accountability" - Victor L. Brown - April 1985

"Agency and Accountability" - Elaine Cannon - 1983

"Agency and Control" - Boyd K. Packer - April 3, 1983

"Agency and Love" - Marion D. Hanks - Oct. 1983

"Atonement, Agency, and Accountability" - Boyd K. Packer - April 1988

"Free Forever, to Act for Themselves" - D. Todd Christofferson - Oct. 2014

"Focus and Priorities" - Dallin H. Oaks - April 2001

 "The Golden Thread of Choice" - Howard W. Hunter  Oct. 1989

"Thou Mayest Choose for Thyself" - N. Eldon Tanner - April 1973  (very good)

"Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods" - Russell M. Nelson - April 1996

"The Three R's of Choice" - Thomas S. Monson - Oct. 2010

"Using Our Free Agency" - Delbert L. Stapley - April 1975

BYU Speeches

"Accountable Citizenship" - Stan A. Taylor - May 5, 1998

"Free to Choose" - Elder Neal A. Maxwell - March 16, 2004 (good talk)

"Personal Accountability" - Dean L. Larsen - March 6, 1983

"Seasons of Choice" - Randall W. Boothe" - Feb. 4, 2003 (some good thoughts)

"The Marvelous Gift of Choice" - Ricks College - Jan. 30, 2001 - Elder Harold Brown

"The Three A's: Atonement, Agency, and Accountability" - Marion D. Hanks - April 16, 1996

"Trust and Accountability" - Gordon B. Hinckley - Oct. 13, 1992

Additional Talks and Articles

"Agency and accountability are precious gifts from the Lord" - Mary N. Cook - April 22, 2012 Church News

"Agency and Accountability" - Shayne M. Bowen - Sept. 2012 New Era

"Free Agency or Moral Agency?" - Oct. 2014 New Era

"Moral Agency" - D. Todd Christofferson - June 2009 Ensign

FHE Lessons


"Agency" (

"Agency and Accountability" (

"Agency--The Key to Growth" FHE Resource Book

"Choice & Accountability" (

"Choice and Accountability--Game of Light"

"We can Choose" FHE Resource Book