Adversity and Trials

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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Conference talks on Adversity Lesson Helps for Teaching Children Resources for teaching Children about Trials Topic of Adversity

Family Home Evening Resources

FHE: Adversity (FHE Resource Book -

FHE: Adversity (DeseretBook/

FHE: "Trials Make Us Stronger"

General Resources

A Tragedy or a Blessing?

Adversity and Agency, by M. Russell Ballard

Adversity--Elder Hillam (excerpt from BYU speech)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Cure for Sorrow" (Short Chinese Tale) 

Do It Anyway (Mother Teresa)

Elder Holland tells of 3 bedridden sisters  (Oct. 1994)

Eli Pierce Story

From Candles to Soap

God gives strength to overcome instead of eliminating adversity  (bike-wind story)

"Grandma's Cake"

Grind or Shine

"Happiness" - Jack Goaslind -  excerpt from April 1986 Gen. Conf.

He Will Ease Our Burdens

"I Have a Problem" 

"If I Can Endure..." 

"In the Due Time of the Lord" Mental Illness/Depression - Meridian Magazine


Leaving the City of Regret

Lesson in Perspective (excerpt from a BYU Dev. by Elaine Walton)

Life's Struggles  (cocoon analogy--having to struggle to become strong) 

Perspective (excerpt from Oct. 1995 Gen. Conf. - Janette Hales Beckham - clean oven story)

"Shake it Off and Step Up"  (Parable of the Old Mule in the Well)

"Silver Linings"  -  from the Spoken Word

Teachings of our Church Leaders

"The Cross Room"

"The Dead Duck"

"The Old Fisherman"

"The Smell of Manure" (short excerpt from BYU-Idaho Dev.)

"Trials" (blacksmith analogy--horse shoes, scrap heap)

"We can trust Him" (story of Heather shared by President Merrill Bateman, 1-7-97)

"What Can I Do to be Happy?"

Mormon Ads

Mormon Ad: "We All Have Our Ups and Downs...." - June 1990 New Era

Mormon Ad: "You Can Conquer Giant Problems" - March 1990 New Era

Mormonads on Adversity

Quotes On Adversity/Trials

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Quotes   2

Quotes   3

Quotes   4

Quotes   5

Quotes on Adversity (Daily WOOL)

Quotes: "Do Not Despair" (Daily Wool)

Poems About Adversity


God will have a tried people (Pain stayed so long, I said.....)

"Keep Going" 

"Never Borrow Sorrow From Tomorrow"

"The Race - Get Up and Win that Race"

"The Road is Rough"

"The Shut-In"  

"The Trouble Pile"

"The Way to God"  

General Conference Talks

"Adversity and the Divine Purpose of Mortality" - Ronald Poelman - April 1989

"An High Priest of Good Things to Come" - Jeffrey Holland - Oct. 1999 

"Do Not Despair" - Ezra Taft Bensen - Oct. 1974

"God Shall Wipe Away All Tears" - Evan A. Schmutz - Oct. 2016

“Healing Soul and Body” - Robert D. Hales, Oct. 1998

"Mountains to Climb" - Henry B. Eyring - April 2012

"The Blessings we receive as we meet the challenges of economic stress" - James E. Faust - Oct. 1982

"The Peaceable Things of the Kingdom" - Jeffrey Holland - Oct. 1996

"The Songs They Could Not Sing" - Quentin L. Cook - Oct. 2011

"Trust In The Lord" - Elder Richard G. Scott - Oct. 1995

"Woman, Why Weepest Thou" - President James E. Faust - Oct. 1996

Other Articles

"Adversity" - Dallin H. Oaks - July 1998 Ensign

"Blessed in My Affliction" - Bonnie Parkin - March 2006 Ensign

"Dealing with Stress and Discouragement" -  Feb. 1990 Ensign

"Keeping Mentally Well" - Sept.  1990 Ensign

I Have A Question: Feb. 2000 Ensign

"Light in Darkness":  For persons struggling with psychological disorders, anchoring their lives in the gospel can provide longed-for peace.  June 1998 Ensign

"Make it a Good Day!" - Elaine Cannon - Oct. 1989 New Era

“The Blessings of Adversity” - James E. Faust - Feb. 1998 Ensign

"When Life is Getting You Down" - June 1984 Ensign

BYU Speeches

"Adversity" - Dallin H. Oaks - Jan. 17, 1995

"But for a Small Moment" - Neal A. Maxwell - Sept. 1, 1974

"For Times of Trouble" - Jeffery Holland - March 18, 1980

"He Cares More About the Shoulder Than About the Wheel" - Monte R. Swaim - May 27, 2008

"Life's Afflictions and Self Inflictions" -  BYU-H - July 10, 2003

"No Joy without the Struggle" - Barbara Winder - June 7, 1987

"Strength in Adversity" - Harold G. Hillam - June 25, 1996

"Strength during struggles" -  L. Lionel Kendrick - BYU-H - April 11, 2000

"The Lord's Plan for Peace" - Ben B. Banks - Nov. 4, 2001 

Win Marsh - 1997 BYU Women's Conf.


"Adversity"  --  by Elaine Cannon

"Faith Precedes the Miracle"  - (by President Spencer W. Kimball)

"Silent Souls Weeping: Depression, Sharing Stories, Finding Hope" - by Jane Clayson Johnson

"Unconquerable" by Hank Smith (1 CD) 4 stories

Family Home Evening Lessons and Stories

"Bundle of Sticks" (Handle adversity through working together)

"The Tale of the Pencil" (We all have strength)

"When Adversity Knocks" (Choose how to respond to a difficult situation)

Quotes and Pics

Holland Qote on Fatigue

Adversity Darkness Quote

Adversity Quote by Og Mandino

Adversity Break Records Quote