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General Resources

"Are You Willing?"

"Changing the World"

15 Things God Won't Ask

Lessons Learned

The Choice (choosing between what is easy and what is hard)

"The Eagle and the Wolf"

We Need Men

Winners versus Losers


A Bargain Sale

"A Real Man"

"Be the Best at Whatever You Are"


"If Jesus Came to Your House"

It Shows in your Face

"Mirror, Mirror"

"My Creed"

"My Nature is Divine"

"People Liked Him"

"The Builder"  (builder or wrecker)

"The Finer Thought"

The Man in the Glass

"Which Are You?"

"Worth While"

"Your Name"

General Conference Talks

"Good Habits Develop Good Character" - Delbert L. Stapley 

"Our Actions Determine Our Character" - Elder Wayne S. Peterson

"Rated A"  -  Marvin J. Ashton

"The Cs of Spirituality" - Robert E. Wells

"The Importance of Reputation" - O. Leslie Stone

"The Transforming Power of Faith and Character" - Richard G. Scott

BYU Speeches

"Athletics and Sportsmanship" -  BYU Dev. - Willard M. Hirschi

"Building Character" - Pres. Kevin J. Worthen

"Character" - Pres. Cecil O. Samuelson

"What is True Greatness" - BYU Dev. - Howard W. Hunter


Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes - 3

Quotes on Character from the LDS Daily Wool

Quotes - large and ready to post (PDF and Word doc)

Other Articles

"But We Heeded Them Not" - L. Aldin Porter - Ensign

"Developing Character," Insights of President David O. McKay - Ensign


"Developing a Christlike Character" - Chap. 23: Teachings of Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay

Family Home Evening Lessons