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Charity: What Does It Mean to Love Like the Savior?

101 Scriptures Filled With Kindness and Compassion

Bible Verses about Helping Others

45 Verses that Mention Love

General Resources

An Ancient Fable (parable)

Cast Your Bread

Charity of Poor People

"Dear Ruth"

Do It Anyway (Mother Teresa)

Homeless Man

President James E. Faust shares a story in April 1998 Gen. Conf.

Story of Widow, caring for three invalid daughters - buying house (told by Pres. Monson in Conf.)

Story shared by Sister Elaine Jack at BYU-Idaho Devotional, April 10, 2001

Story shared by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone at Gen. Conf.

The 11th Box

"The Long Line of the Lonely" - Story of Old Bob shared by President Monson - April 1981 Gen. Conf.

"The Old Fisherman"

"Two Missionaries" (excerpt from April 7, 1984 Gen. Conf. address)

General Conference Talks

"Before I Build a Wall" - Loren C. Dunn - April 1991

"Caring for the Poor and Needy" - Marion G. Romney - Jan. 1973 Ensign - Oct. 1972 Gen. Conf.

"In the Lord's Own Way."- Russell M. Nelson - April 1986

"My Brother's Keeper" - President Thomas S. Monson - Oct. 1994

"What Manner of Men?  As I Am"  -  Marion D. Hanks - April 1973

Additional Talks and Articles

"Caught in a Casserole" - Dec. 1990 Ensign (giving what is needed vs. what we want to give)

"Cast your bread....." (Story of sharing milk) - Ensign

"Infinite Needs and Finite Resources" - Glenn L. Pace - Ensign

"Our New Holiday Tradition" - short experience from the Ensign (kindness to a neighborhood bully)

"Two Dimes and a Nickel" - A Bishop's experience - Ensign

"Why That Gift?" - short Christmas giving experience from Dec. 1999 Ensign



Quotes on Charity (LDS Daily WOOL)

BYU Speeches

"Charity in the Community of Saints,"  James D. MacArthur

"Charity Never Faileth" - Vaughn J. Featherstone

"Service - The Essence of True Religion",  Alexander B. Morrison, BYU Dev., March 2000

Tzedakah" - BYU-Idaho - February 19, 2002 - M. McClain Bybee

"Unto the Least of These" - Eric Shumway - April 1, 2003 BYU-Idaho

Church Lessons on Charity

"Charity" - Chapter 30, Gospel Principles Manual

"How Can I Develop Christlike Love?"  Aaronic Priesthood lesson

FHE Lessons

"Charity" ( 

"Charity" (BellaOnline)

Pics and Quotes

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