Are Mormons Christians?

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Are Mormons Christians? - Gospel Topics Essay

Mormonism and Christianity - Wikipedia

The Mormons - Frequently Asked Questions -

Believe: Come unto Christ

Common Questions : Come unto Christ

What is the Role of Jesus Christ

Ensign / Articles

Are Mormons Christians? - Stephen E. Robinson - May 1998 - New Era

Comparing LDS Beliefs with First-Century Christianity - Daniel C. Peterson and Stephen D. Ricks - March 1988 - Ensign "Becoming Like God" (how Christians differ in beliefs)

Mormon Channel Video: Are Mormons Christians? Gary J. Coleman

"The Peaceable Followers of Christ" - Boyd K. Packer - CES Fireside

"What We Believe"  -  BYU Dev.  -  Robert L. Millet 

"Have You Been Born Again?"  -  Brent L. Top  -  Meridian Magazine article

General Conference Talks

"Mom, Are We Christians?" - Gary J. Coleman - April 2007

"A Disciple, a Friend" - Bishop Richard C. Edgley - Gen. Conf.

"Building Bridges of Understanding" - M. Russell Ballard 

Church News

Are Mormons Christians? - BBC Religions

Are Mormons Christians? - Huff Post

Are Mormons Christian? - The Church Newsroom Blog Traditional Christianity and the Latter-day Saints - Robert L. Millet (the Newsroom Blog)

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