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General Resources

10 Characteristics of Jesus Christ and How to Develop Them

"A Good Reason to Look Up" (WOW Zone)

Being An Example - Story of native boy and soldier

Church of Jesus Christ - Resources for teaching Children about Example

Experience of President Spencer W. Kimball

If you could see us now, Pop Youngberg

Joseph Smith helping the needy by giving $5

Just This Once


"The Wooden Bowl"

"Uncle Elias" (experience shared by Pres. Monson)

"Your Life is Jesus to Someone"


Our Responsibility To Be An Example

Quotes on Example with large printable PDF


Quotes   (LDS Daily WOOL)

The Immortality of Influence


A Father's Thought

"A Psalm of Life"

By Example

Do You Know


His Example

"I'd Rather See a Sermon"

"My Life Shall Touch..."

"Preaching vs Practice"

The Little Chap That Follows Me

"The Sheep of the Fold" or "The Echo"


"You never can tell"

"You never Know"

General Conference Talks on Example

And This Is Life Eternal - C. Scott Grow - April 2017

Be an Example and a Light - Thomas S. Monson - Oct. 2015

Be Thou an Example - Thomas S. Monson - April 2005

Be Thou an Example of the Believers - Russell M. Nelson - Oct. 2010

Be Thou an Example - Ruth B. Wright - Oct. 1991

Examples of Righteousness - Thomas S. Monson - April 2008

Hold Up Your Light - J. Richard Clarke  -  April 1985

How Can I Understand - Ulisses Soares - April 2019

I Have Given You an Example - Richard G. Scott - April 2014

Our Perfect Example - Henry B. Eyring - Oct. 2009

Teaching in the Home-a Joyful and Sacred Responsibility - Devin G. Durrant - April 2018

That They May See - Bonnie H. Cordon - April 2020

The Davids and the Goliaths - President Spencer W. Kimball - Oct. 1974

The Language of the Gospel - Valeri V. Cordón - April 2017

The Prophet Joseph Smith: Teacher by Example - Thomas S. Monson - Oct. 2005

The Sure Sound of the Trumpet - Angel Abrea - April 1984

BYU Addresses

Archives: Speeches about Example

A Brand of Distinction - Dee T. Allsop - April 23, 2009

An Example of Believers - Von G. Keetch - June 14, 2016

Be a Light to the World - Thomas S. Monson - November 1, 2011

"Be Thou an Example" - Sharon Samuelson - Jan. 13, 2004

Be Thou an Example of the Believers - Thomas S. Monson - October 15, 1991

Great Expectations - Quentin L. Cook - November 10, 2020

In the World - L. Tom Perry - January 4, 1981

Let the Light Shine - Sharon G. Samuelson - January 6, 2009

One Man Can Make a Difference - F. Melvin Hammond - June 21, 1988

The Example of a Prophet - William R. Walker - May 11, 2010

The Savior's Example in Doing the Father's Will - Alan Parkinson - May 14, 2002

The Tremendous Power of Example - William M. Holman - March 28, 2006

The World Needs to See and Feel Your Light - Chad Lewis - March 25, 2014

Other Articles and Talks

"Being an Example" - Oct. 1977 Ensign

"Examples of Great Teachers" - Thomas S. Monson - June 2007 Ensign

Teaching Children: "Do as I Do" - July 1982 Ensign

"The Power of Example" - N. Eldon Tanner - Dec. 1981 Ensign

"Two Dimes and a Nickel" - A Bishop's experience - Dec. 1986 Ensign

“You Never Know” - John H. Groberg - March 1986 New Era

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Following the Example of Jesus Christ" - lesson 3 YW Manual

"Setting a Good Example" - Principles of Leadership Teachers Manual

New Era Posters and Mormon Ads

"You don't have to be a big wheel"

"Be Even As I Am"

FHE Lessons and Resources for Children

"Jesus is my Example" (FHE Resource Book)

2 pdf Object Lessons on Example

"The Dog at the Well" (Listen to your Parents)

"The Wolf and the Shepherds" (Don't be quick to judge others)

"The Young Crab and His Mother" (Don't criticize)

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