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General Resources

3 Key Things - James E. Faust

Music and the Spoken Word:  "Family Prayer"

Power of Faith and Families

Promises for holding Family Prayer

The Force of Family Prayer


Quotes about Family Prayer

Quotes about Prayer (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference Talks on Family Prayer

"Back to Gospel Basics" - L. Tom Perry - April 1993 Gen. Conf.

"One Link Still Holds" - Vaughn J. Featherstone,  Oct. 1999 Gen. Conf.  (be grateful for a family that prays)

"Our Father Which Art in Heaven,"  L. Tom Perry - Oct. 1983 Gen. Conf.

"The Power of Family Prayer," John H. Groberg - April 1982 Gen. Conf.

Other Talks and Articles on Family Prayer

"Cornerstones of a Happy Home" -  Pres. Hinckley (Satellite Broadcast Jan. 29, 1984)

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol.2, Family Prayer

"Prayer" - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball - March 1978 New Era

"No Substitute for Family Prayer" - Feb. 2001 Ensign

"The Robbery"

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters

NEW ERA POSTER: "Are You a Missing Person?"

FHE Lessons

FHE lesson: Pray Always (LDSLiving)

"Unity through Family Prayer"  FHE Resource Book at

Books and CDs on Prayer

Kimball, Spencer W. "Family Prayer" Chapter in book - "Prayer", pp. 84-87, by LDS General Authorities

"Never Cease: Stories of Prayer" - by Glenn Rawson (Book or CD's)