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See also: "Family Prayer"  

Special Issue on Prayer - January 1976 Ensign 

General Resources

A Prayer for Children

And God Said "No"

Ask for what you need - Orson F. Whitney's experience with specific prayer

Ask for what you need - A Missionary's experience with specific prayer

Contact Lens story - shared by Richard Cracroft at a BYU Dev.

Contact Lens Story - Part II (from BYU Dev.)

Daddy's Empty Chair

Dear Friend  (a letter from Jesus)

Five Finger Prayer

God answers prayer of Swedish convert--His way  (story of bicycle and wind)

"I Have a Problem"


Prayer (A conversation with Heavenly Father)

Serenity Prayer (God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change)

Story:  Heber J. Grant asking Jesse Knight for $5,000

Story from the life of Spencer W. Kimball

Story:  Orphan in Romania needing a child-size walker  (Pres. Monson, CR Oct. 1997)

"The Power and Efficacy of Prayer" - 2 stories from Gen. Conf. April 1977, Ezra Taft Benson


An Ancient Prayer

"Hello God"

"I Said a Prayer For You Today"

Living What We Pray For (poem: I knelt to pray when day was done, and prayed......)

"Only What I Need..."

Prayer For This House

Prayer ( I know God answers prayer...)

Prayers and Answers (I asked for.....)

Prayer Rock Poem

Sometimes the Answer's  "No!"

The Difference

General Conference Talks

"Hallowed Be Thy Name" - Howard W. Hunter - Oct.  1977

"Learning to Recognize Answers to Prayer" - Richard G. Scott  -  Oct. 1989

"Our Father Which Art in Heaven" - L. Tom Perry -  Oct. 1983

"Patterns of Prayer" - Bruce R. McConkie - April 1984

"Peace through Prayer" - Rex D. Pinegar - Ensign, May 1993

"Prayer" - Ezra Taft Benson - April 1977

"Prayers and Answers" - Boyd K. Packer - Oct. 1979

"The Family Influence" - Spencer W. Kimball - April 1973 Gen. Conf. - July 1973 Ensign

"The Language of Prayer" - Dallin H. Oaks - April 1993


Quotes  (link--to Daily Wool)

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Quotes   2

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Quotes   4

BYU Speeches

"Improving Our Prayers" - Joseph B. Wirthlin - 21 January 2003

"God Answers Prayers" - BYU-Hawaii - Sept. 27, 2001 - Mission President Mark H. Willes

"Stones in the Wall" - H. Burke Peterson - July 16, 2002

"The Power and Blessings From Prayer" - BYU-Idaho - June 18, 2002

Additional Articles

"Importance and Efficacy of Prayer" - President N. Eldon Tanner - Aug. 1971 Ensign

"Know He Is There" - Marvin J. Ashton  - Feb. 1994 Ensign

"Prayer--Try Again" - June 1981 Ensign

"Teaching Children through Prayer" - Marian P. Sorensen - May 1973 Ensign

"The Importance of Prayer" - Franklin D. Richards - July 1972 Ensign

Mormon Ads and New Era Posters


"Missing Person?"

"Need to Talk?"

"Pray Aloud"


"Send a Knee Mail"

"Something in Common"

"Standing Tall"

"Stay on the Right Track"

"The Best Exercise of All"

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Praying to Our Heavenly Father" - Gospel Principles

"The Power of Personal Prayer" - Preparing for Exaltation

Family Home Evening Lessons and More for Children

FHE: "Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers" (FHE Resource Book at

Sharing Time: "I Pray for Others"

FHE: "Prayer" (PDF)

Library Books & CDs

"Receiving Answers to Our Prayers" - Gene R. Cook

Large Printable Quotes for Posting

"7 days without prayer makes one weak."

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Doc 1-34

"Prayer keeps a man from sin--and sin keeps a man from prayer."

-Brigham Young-

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