Fasting and Fast Offerings

fasting of the body is food for the soul

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Official Topic page on Fasting and Fast Offerings, with additional study resources

All General Conference Talks on Fasting and Fast Offerings - Resources for teaching Children about Fasting

General Resources

Fasting in the Hospital  -  (excerpt from Pres. Monson - April 1984 Gen. Conf.)

Fourteen Reasons for Fasting

Matthew Cowley tells of the power of fasting

Promises for Fasting / Fast Offerings:


Quotes on Fast Offerings (link to the Daily Wool - Words of our Leaders)

Quotes on Fasting     (link to the Daily Wool - Words of our Leaders))

Quotes on Fasting and Fast Offerings:

General Conference Talks

"A Vision of the Law of the Fast" - Victor L. Brown - Oct. 1977

"Fast Day" - Howard W. Hunter - Oct. 1985

"Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?" - Henry B. Eyring - April 2015

"The Blessings of a Proper Fast" - Carl B. Pratt - Oct. 2004

"The Law of the Fast" - L. Tom Perry - April 1986

Other Articles and Talks

"Crisis at the Crossroads" - Thomas S. Monson - Nov. 1983 New Era - (Scroll down to "Frame Your Life with Faith" for a story on fasting)

"Fasting--A Gift of Joy - January 1978 Ensign

"Fasting is What?"  - Oct. 1989 New Era

"Fasting Strengthens Us Spiritually and Temporally" - June 2012 Ensign

"Fasting with Power" - Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy - April 2009 Ensign

"The Blessings of the Fast"- First Presidency Message - July 1982 Ensign

"The Privilege of Giving a Generous Fast Offering"- May 1986 Ensign

"What the Scriptures Say About: Fasting," - Robert J. Matthews - Sept. 1972 New Era

Lessons from Church Manuals

"Fasting" - Chapter 25 - Gospel Principles Manual

"Prayer and Fasting" - Lesson 31 - Priesthood Manual

"Principles of Financial Security"- Chapter 13 - Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant

FHE Lessons and Resources for Children

"Fasting" - FHE Resource Book -

FHE Lesson on Fasting (DeseretBook/