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General Resources

Be Thankful   (for what you don't have)

Everyday Thanksgiving

Expressing appreciation to others - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Expressing Gratitude  -  short story told by Pres. Thomas S. Monson

"Live in Thanksgiving Daily" - Joseph B. Wirthlin - Ensign


Teaching Ideas for a lesson  (by a Seminary teacher)

Thank You, Lord

"The Glory of an Ordinary Day" - The Spoken Word

The Sister Who Served

"Think About This...."


Count Your Blessings

Drink from the Saucer 

"Gratitude" -  by Edgar Guest

"How Different"

"Thank God For Dirty Dishes..."

"The Most Beautiful Flower"

"Through Someone Else's Eyes"


Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes - 3

Quotes on Thanksgiving (Daily WOOL)

Scriptures on Gratitude

General Conference Talks

"Think to Thank" - President Thomas S. Monson 

"Gratitude" - Elder Gordon T. Watts

"Gratitude and Thanksgiving" - Marion G. Romney 

"Gratitude as a Saving Principle" - James E. Faust

"Remembrance and Gratitude" - Henry B. Eyring

BYU Speeches

"And in Everything Give Thanks" -  Marvin J. Ashton - Fireside

"Listen, Lift, Rescue"

"Live in Thanksgiving Daily" - Joseph B. Wirthlin   

"Through the lens of Gratitude" - BYU-Idaho

FHE Lessons, etc. For Children:

FHE on Gratitude (

"Grateful Heart"  short excerpt by James E. Faust - Friend Mag.

"I'm Thankful for You" - Ensign (Random Sampler, scroll down)