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Official LDS.org Topic page on Disabilities and Handicaps, with additional study resources

All General Conference Talks on the Disabilities and Handicaps

General Resources

"A Trip to Holland"



Disabilities / Handicaps  (LDS Daily WOOL)


General Conference

"Content with the Things Allotted unto Us" - Neal A. Maxwell

"Like a Broken Vessel" - Jeffrey R. Holland

"Special Lessons" - Ronald A. Rasband

BYU Speeches

"Grow Toward Christ"

"His Burden is Light"

"The Powers within You" - Barbara B. Smith - Feb. 1, 1981 - Fireside

Other Articles and Talks

"A letter to Tommy"

"A Voice the Deaf Can Hear" - April 1976 Ensign

"How Can You Help" - April 1976 Ensign

"Light in Darkness:  For persons struggling with psychological disorders, anchoring their lives in the gospel can provide longed-for peace" - Ensign, June 1998

"Not My Will"

"Six Myths about the Handicapped"  -  June 1988 Ensign Article

"Strength through Infirmity" - April 1976 Ensign

"The Handicapped: How to Help Them, How They Help Us" - April 1978 Ensign

"We are All the Same and Yet Different" - Deseret News Article, March 26, 2002


"A Handicapped Child" by Joy Saunders Lundberg

"Heaven's Very Special Child" - by Edna Massimilla

MormonAds / New Era Posters

"Make Room" - Oct. 1993 New Era

Family Home Evening Lessons for Children

FHE Lesson: "Disabilities"

Primary Disability Webpage