Kindnesskindness quote by Aesop

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General Resources

Abraham Lincoln 

Compassion is in the Eyes

Do It Anyway (Mother Teresa)

The Janitor

The Bucket and the Dipper

The Kindest Cut

"The Old Fisherman"

"The Music of the Bells" 

Ways to Praise

General Conference

"Out of Small Things" - Stephen A. West


Quotes - 1

Quotes - 2

Quotes on Kindness with large printable PDF


"Drop a Pebble in the Water "

"Helping Those in Need" - The Spoken Word

"If we only understood..."

"The Friendly Sort of Man"

"Kindness Begins With Me"

"Let Me Be a Little Kinder"

"Little Things"

"Looking for Nice" 

"Pass it On" -  The Spoken Word

Sin of Omission

"The Size of Your Heart"

BYU Speeches

"Brotherly Love"

"Kindness: A Celestial Touchstone"

"Personal Ministry: Sacred and Precious"

Additional Articles

"Our New Holiday Tradition" - Ensign (kindness to a neighborhood bully)

“The Award,” Jack Weyland - New Era

"Three Marbles" - Ensign


Video: "The Power of Kindness"

Video: "Kindness Begins with Me"

Mormonads / New Era Posters

Mormonads for Kindness

Children's Stories about Kindness

"The Golden Goose" 
"The Golden Goose"  (Grimm Brothers version)

"The Lion and the Mouse"
"The Lion and the Mouse" - site with story, coloring page, crafts & puppets for story, etc. 

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Developing Compassion"  (FHE Resource Book at