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LDS.org Church History: Heber J. Grant

General Resources

Grampa Bill's General Authority Pages: Heber J. Grant

Story of Heber J. Grant's Humor

Story:  Heber J. Grant asking Jesse Knight for $5,000

Teachings of the Prophets

Testimony of President Heber J. Grant


Quotes by Heber J. Grant (LDS Daily WOOL)

Quotes by Heber J. Grant

Additional Articles

"Heber J. Grant" - Ensign

Heber J. Grant: A Man without Excuses - Liahona

"Heber J. Grant: A Prophet for Hard Times" - Liahona

"I have learned to sing": President Heber J. Grant's struggle to sing the hymns of Zion.

"Practice Makes Possible" - New Era

"The Church Grows in Strength" - Ensign

"The Nobility of Labor" - Ensign

Videos / Images

All Heber J. Grant Videos

Video: Ministry of Heber J. Grant: The Welfare Plan

Video: Testimony of Heber J. Grant


Church Manuals

Teaching of Heber J. Grant

Family Home Evening / Children

"Comforted by the Holy Ghost" - Friend Magazine

Heber J. Grant Crossword Puzzle

"President Grant's Example" (handwriting) - Friend Mag.

"Prized Signature" - New Era

"The Coat" - Friend Mag.

FHE Lesson (sugardoodle.net)

FHE Lesson (LDSLiving)