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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) All General Conference talks on Marriage Stories etc. to teach children about Marriage Lesson Helps for Teaching Children Topic of Marriage

General Resources

Antics With Semantics

BYU "Forever Families" Website

Grains of Sand:  37 Things to say to your spouse

Marriage and The Great Plan of Happiness - Joe J. Christensen

"O Lord, have mercy and deliver us from our strengths!" - Dr. Wallace Goddard

Power of Communication in Marriage - shared by Chieko Okasaki

Real Life

SHMILY - Strengthening Families

Sir Thomas Moore - a love story

"Teaching Children about Temple Marriage" - April 1987 Ensign 

"The Best Gift I Ever Received"  (how to talk about your spouse)

"Thriving in Marriage" (link to many short articles by Dr. Wallace Goddard, LDS Professor and Family Life Specialist)

Twelve Rules for a Happy Marriage - by Ann Landers

Marriage Crossroads: Why Divorce is Often Not the Best Option: Rationale, Resources, and References - Brent A. Barlow, Ph.D.



Quotes on Marriage (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference Talks

"Marriage and Divorce" - David B. Haight - April 1984

"The Enriching of Marriage" - James E. Faust - Oct. 1977

"What God Hath Joined Together" - President Hinckley - April 1991

Additional Talks and Articles

"A Better Me, a Better Marriage: Developing Emotional Integrity" - Aug. 1985 Ensign

"A Rock-Solid Foundation for Marriage" - Brent A. Barlow - June 2003 Ensign

"Eternal Marriage Begins in Mortality" - Brent A. Barlow - October 2005 Ensign

"For Better, For Worse, For Always" - June 1991 Ensign

"Honeymoon Marriage Counselor" - Jan. 1999 Ensign

"Marriage: The Gift to See beyond the Present" - Wallace Goddard - Meridian Magazine - Mar. 9, 2016

"Marriage in the Lord's Way, Part One" - Cree-L Kofford - June 1998 Ensign

"Marriage in the Lord's Way, Part Two" - Cree-L Kofford - July 1998 Ensign

"Nurturing a Love That Lasts" - Feb. 2000 Ensign

"Seven Steps to Strengthen a Marriage" - Mar. 2002 Ensign

"Taking Your Marriage from Misery to Joy" - Wallace Goddard - Meridian Magazine - Feb. 9, 2016

"Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy" - Oct. 1995 Ensign (parents unable to be at Temple wedding)

"The Earrings" - January 2007 Ensign

"What Happily Married Couples Do" - Douglas Brinley - Jan. 2010 Ensign

BYU Firesides And Devotionals:

"Building an Eternal Marriage and Family by Following the Counsel of the Living Prophets" - Elder C. Scott Grow -BYU-Idaho  

"Finding Your Sweetheart" - Lynn G. Robbins - BYU-Idaho - Feb. 12, 2002

"How Do I Love Thee" - Jeffrey Holland - Feb. 15, 2000

"Loving with the Spirit and with the Understanding" - Marlin K. Jensen - 1993

"Marriage Is Ordained of God" - Brent A. Barlow - Oct. 12, 1999

Library Books and CDs

"7 Habits of Highly Effective Marriage" by Stephen R. Covey

"8 Great Ways to Build a Better Mariage!" - DVD - Troy Dunn

"Then Comes Marriage" - Mark D. Ogletree, Douglas E. Brinley

"An Enduring LOVE" - Dr. Matt Townsend

"Building Forever" - Gary & Joy Lundberg