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Missionary Poems

Dare to Climb the Mountain

I Met a Stranger in the Night

Missionary Work

My Reward

Thank God I Went

The Mission - Do I want the life behind or the one ahead?

The Mission Within a Mission 

Poems: Not "just" for Missionaries

Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Count Your Blessings 

Don't Quit

Drink from the Saucer


Eternal Ink

"Forever Friends" 

God's Counting on You

"If You Think You are Beaten"

Kindness Begins With Me

"Living What We Pray For"


Stick to Your Task


"The Torchbearer"

"The Trouble Pile"

"Things Worth While"

"What Have We Done Today?"

"Who does God's Work will get God's Pay"

Lessons to Learn: Not "just" for Missionaries

"Absolute Truth" - Spencer W. Kimball (wrist watch analogy)

And God Said "No"

"Ask for what you Need" - Orson F. Whitney

"Attitude" (Swindoll)

Currant Bush - Hugh B. Brown

"Food for Thought"

"Formula for Success...and then some"

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

"Look to This Day"


"Prayers and Answers"

Pushing Against the Rock"

"The Best Day of My Life"

"The Probationary Test of Mortality"

"What If..."

"Winners Versus Losers"