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Member Missionaries

"A Voice of Warning" - Elder Henry B. Eyring - Gen. Conf.

"Enthusiastake Missionaries" - Ensign

"Feed My Sheep"  -  Boyd K. Packer - Gen. Conf.  (good parable)

Keys to Successful Member-Missionary Work  -  First Presidency Message - Ensign

"Making Member-Missionary Work Work" - Ensign

Missionary stories   (excerpt from David B. Haight - Gen. Conf.)

"Missionary Work Begins at Home" - Ensign

“Now Is the Time” - M. Russell Ballard - Gen. Conf.


"Sharing our Blessings" (FHE lesson from Manual)

"Sharing the Gospel"- Robert C. Oaks  -  Gen. Conf. (good analogy - orange juice)

"The Football Game that Changed My Life" - Ensign

“Using Family History as a Missionary Tool” - Ensign

"The Essential Role of Member Missionary Work" - M. Russell Ballard

Fellowship / Retention

"Are We Keeping Pace?" -  M. Russell Ballard 

A Ride to Church - Stephen Baer

Care for New Converts" - Elder Carl B. Pratt - Ensign

Converts and Young Men" - Gordon B. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

Every Convert a Great and Serious Responsibility

"Every Convert is Precious" - Gordon B. Hinckley - Liahona

"Feed My Lambs"- Elder Henry B. Eyring - Ensign

"Feed My Sheep" - Elder Ben Banks - Gen. Conf.

"Fellowshipping" - Ned B. Roueche' - Gen. Conf.

Loved Into The Church

"People to People" - David B. Haight - Gen. Conf.

Quotes on Fellowshipping / Retention / Reactivation

Quotes about Retention (LDS Daily WOOL)

Reactivation Experience told by Henry B. Eyring

Reactivation Quotes

"Some thoughts on temples, retention of converts, and missionary service" - Pres. Hinckley - Gen. Conf.

"Strengthen Thy Brethren" - Paul H. Dunn - Friend Mag.

“Strengthen Thy Brethren” - Paul H. Dunn - Gen. Conf.

“The Hand of Fellowship” - M. Russell Ballard  -  Ensign

The Lonely Ember   (Reactivation Story)

"True Friends" - Elder Henry B. Eyring  - Gen. Conf.

"When Thou Art Converted, Strengthen Thy Brethren" - Robert D. Hales - Gen. Conf.

“Why Not Now?” - Neal A. Maxwell  -  Ensign

“Why Can’t We?” - David B. Haight - Ensign

Senior / Couple Missionaries

"A Classic Example" (a different way for a couple to serve a mission)

"Abide in Me" - Jeffrey R. Holland - Gen. Conf.

“Add Life to Your Years, and Years to Your Life” - Mary Ellen Edmunds - Ensign

"Bearing Record: Nothing Compares to It" - Bonnie Parkin - BYU Women's Conf.

"Couple Missionaries: A Time to Serve" - Robert D. Hales - Gen. Conf.

"Couple Missionaries:  Blessings from Sacrifice and Service" - Elder Robert D. Hales - Gen. Conf.

"Finally, New Slippers" (Humanitarian Missionaries in Russia)

Living by the Scriptures  -  Church News, Aug. 18, 2001  (couple serving, ill daughter-in-law)

"Need for Missionary Couples Continues to Grow" - Ensign

“Senior Missionaries and the Gospel” - Russell M. Nelson - Ensign

"Senior Missionaries: Responding to the Prophet's Call - Ensign

“The Impact of Couple Missionaries” - John and Patricia Waring - Ensign

"Trading Something Good for Something Better" - M. Russell Ballard  - Ensign

"Walls of the Mind" - President Hunter (self-built walls preventing our service)