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Obtain (free) a copy of a patriarchal blessing, your own or a Direct-line Ancestor

General Resources

David O. McKay - Patriarchal Blessing playing marbles story

6 Ways to really appreciate your Patriarchal Blessing

General Conference

"Your Patriarchal Blessing: A Liahona of Light" - Thomas S. Monson - Oct. 1986

"Priesthood Blessings" - President James E. Faust - Oct. 1995


Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)


Additional Articles

"Oh the House of Israel" - Daniel H. Ludlow - Jan. 1991 Ensign

"Patriarchal Blessings: Inspired Guidance for Your Life" - Feb. 2015 Ensign

"Teaching Children about Patriarchal Blessings" - Oct. 1987 Ensign


"About Patriarchal Blessings"

"How can a patriarchal blessing help me?"

"What a Patriarchal Blessing Can Do for You"

"When Should I get My Patriarchal Blessing?"

"Whom do I talk to about getting a patriarchal blessing?

"Your Patriarchal Blessing"


"Be Loyal to the Royal Within"

"Create the Perfect Self Portrait"

"Don't Sell Yourself Short"

"Make Something of Yourself"

"There Aren't Any Frogs"

"You Can Conquer Giant Problems"

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Patriarchs and Patriarchal Blessings"

""The Gathering of the House of Israel"

FHE Lessons

"Patriarchal Blessings"

"Patriarchal Blessings" (ayearofFHE)

"Patriarchal Blessings" (LDSDaily)

"Receiving a Patriarchal Blessing" - FHE Resource Book at

Library Books or CD's

"Your Patriarchal Blessing" by Ed J. Pinegar & Richard Allen


Video (1:48):  "Declaration of Lineage in Patriarchal Blessings - President James E. Faust

Video (1:33):  "Preparation of George Albert Smith: A Patriarchal Blessing