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Top Resources (each leads to many more resources) General Conference Talks on "Preparation" Resources on the topic of Emergency Preparedness Top Search Results on "Preparedness" Lesson Ideas for Children, Youth, and Adults on Emergency Preparedness

General Resources

Book of Gomer - (humorous)

Buddy Burners   (instructions to make)

Charcoal Water Filter (How to Make)

Emergency Preparedness & the Atonement

"Emergency Preparedness" (

Emergency Preparedness site for the PG, Utah Stake (good info)

From a Ward Relief Society in Alaska  --  preparation list by month for 1 year

"I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows"     several versions of this popular story

I Will Prepare (good website)

"It Worked!"  Packing Parachutes News

Preparedness Lessons from a Hurricane (Hurricane Sandy)

Preparedness Manual

Water Filter (Quick PDF Instructions for a Charcoal Filter)

See Also: "Welfare"



General Conference

Food Storage - Gen. Conf. address by Vaughn J. Featherstone

Additional Articles

"Being Independent, Being Prepared"

How to Start an Emergency Fund

Prepare Now for Your Future With a ROTH IRA

BYU Speeches

"Prepare to Make a Difference" (in the world)

Mormonads / Images / Videos

"Got Oil?

Image: If we are Prepared, we shall not Fear

Image: Sacks of Grain

Video: Preparation

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Emergency Preparedness" (LDS Daily)

"Emergency Preparedness" (

7 FHE Lessons

Emergency Preparedness Lesson