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General Resources

Faithful Questions (Doing the Lord's Will)

Learning and Accepting the Lord's Will

See also: Adversity and Trials

See also: Consecration / Submitting to God's Will

General Conference Talks

Why Me? Questions) "Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ" - N. Maxwell (excellent)

"Answers to Life's Questions" - M. Russell Ballard


Quotes: "Why Me?"

BYU Speeches

"Adversity" - Dallin H. Oaks

"The Importance of Asking Questions" - Cecil O. Samuelson, Jr., BYU Dev.

"The Two Great Promises"

Additional Articles

"An answer to the question 'why me?' - Deseret News

"What is the Purpose of Suffering" - New Era

"Why Me?" - New Era

"Why Me?" - Church News