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BYU: Encyclopedia of Mormonism - "Revelation"

General Resources

A Relief Society President's Personal Inspiration Story -- 500 receiving blankets

Boyd K. Packer shares an experience

Boyd K. Packer shares an experience in reorganizing a Stake Presidency

Ted E. Brewerton - experience while serving as a mission president

Ted E. Brewerton - experiences of General Authorities creating new stakes

Early to Bed and Early to Rise increases inspiration  (Harold B. Lee and Marion G. Romney)

"Go to the third floor" - a missionary receives revelation

Living the Word of Wisdom affects Personal Inspiration - Boyd K. Packer

M. Russell Ballard:  personal experience with NOT following inspiration

Neal A. Maxwell shared this personal experience on following promptings at a BYU Fireside

Notes taken at a class by Gerald Lund on Personal Revelation

President Thomas S. Monson - story of Brother Rooker

President Thomas S. Monson - story of Mary Watson and Kathleen McKee

See also: "Holy Ghost"

Spiritual Things Cannot Be Forced - by Boyd K. Packer

Orphan in Romania needing a child-size walker  (Pres. Monson - Gen. Conf.)

"The Elusive Balance" - BYU Dev. excerpt by Glenn L. Pace

"The Power of Revelation" - BYU Dev. excerpt by M. Russell Ballard

The Suit



Quotes (LDS Daily WOOL)

General Conference Talks

"Continuing Revelation" - Henry B. Eyring

"Marvelous Are The Revelations of the Lord" - M. Russell Ballard

"Personal Revelation--The Gift, the Test, and the Promise" - Boyd K. Packer

"Reverence Invites Revelation" - Boyd K. Packer

"The Spirit of Revelation" - Boyd K. Packer

BYU Speeches

"Eight types of Revelation" - Dallin Oaks

"How to Get Personal Revelation" - Bruce R. McConkie (audio only)

"Making the Right Choices" - Richard G. Scott - CES Fireside

"Personal Epiphanies" - James E. Faust 

 "Personal Revelation" - L. Lionel Kendrick

"Principles That Govern Revelation" - BYU-Idaho Dev.

"Seeking Personal Revelation" - BYU-H Dev.

"The Voice of the Lord" - Gerald Lund

Other Talks and Articles

"Be Still, and Know That I am God" - M. Russell Ballard - CES Fireside May 4, 2014

"Personal Revelation" - L. Lionel Kendrick - Ensign

"Scripture Reading and Revelation"- Dallin H. Oaks - Ensign

“Teaching and Learning by the Spirit” - Dallin H. Oaks - Ensign

"Turning Our Hearts to the Voice of the Spirit" - Linda K. Burton - CES Dev.

"Turn Off Your Flashlight"

"What If?" - New Era

"Why That Gift?" - Ensign

Lessons from Church Manuals

"How do I receive personal revelation?" - YW Lesson

"Recognizing Personal Revelation" - Lesson 15

New Era Posters / Mormon Ads

"Puzzled?" Ask of God

"Some Music Can Hurt you" (is spiritually very destructive...)

FHE Lessons

"How Do I Receive Personal Revelation?" - (

"Personal Revelation" - (

"Personal Revelation" - (

"Receiving Revelation" - (givethemheaven website)

"Revelation" - (pdf)