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BYU: The Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Home Teaching

BYU: The Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Visiting Teaching

General Resources

A Parable for Visiting Teacher (could work for Home Teaching also)

Debra Coe's Visiting Teaching Page

Just for Laughs

"Portrait of a Visiting Teacher"

"The Lonely Ember"  (Reactivation)

General Conference

"Shepherds of Israel" (knows each by name)

“Why Can’t We?” -  David B. Haight - Ensign



Quotes about Visiting Teaching

"Visiting Teaching" Quotes

BYU Speeches

"No Other Talent Exceeds Spirituality" - Vaughn J. Featherstone (excellent HT experience)

"Visiting Teaching: Making a Difference by Small and Simple Means Beyond Statistics" - Mary Ellen Edmunds (PDF)

"Why We are Organized into Quorums and Relief Societies" - Julie B. Beck


Good Intentions

The  Awakening

The Secret Heart

Additional Talks and Articles

"Becoming a Better Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher” - Ensign

"Go Visit These Women Today!" - Ensign

"Hello, You're Our New Home Teachers" - Ensign

"How can I help my home teachers help my family" - Ensign (under "I have a question" - scroll down)

"I Have a Question" - Ensign (scroll down)

"Increasing Our Compassionate Service" - Ensign

"Instruments of the Lord" - Ensign

"Love, Your Visiting Teachers" - Ensign

“Only an Elder” - Bruce R. McConkie - Ensign

Our Lost Coin   (lesson to learn--the worth of one soul is great)

"Shepherds, Lambs, and Home Teachers" - Russell M. Nelson - Ensign

"The Oil of Joy" -  Elaine Jack

“The Responsibilities of Home Teachers” - Marion G. Romney 

"Varied 'Menu' of Goals for Church Members" - Ensign

"What is the family's responsibility in a home teaching situation? (under "I have a Question" - scroll down)