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LDS.org: All General Conference Talks on "Word of Wisdom"

LDS.org: Topic: "Word of Wisdom"

LDS.org: Lessons for Children, Youth, and Adults on Word of Wisdom

LDS.org: Resources for teaching Children about the Word of Wisdom

Addiction Recovery Program

Promises for living the Word of Wisdom:

General Resources

Alcohol Experience  -  L. Tom Perry

Alcohol Experience  -  Richard G. Scott

Alcohol Experience  -  Russell M. Nelson

Ben E. Lewis story  -  shared by Jeffrey Holland at a BYU Devotional

Caffeine Content in Drinks (and some foods) - Mayo Clinic


Just This Once

Mormon Should Mean More Good - excerpt from Pres. Hinckley - General Conference.

Poor Choices Can Limit Your Future  (short excerpt from BYU Dev.)

President Spencer W. Kimball shares personal Word of Wisdom experiences in Gen. Conf.

Story of Creed Haymond -  told in Gen. Conf. by L. Tom Perry

Thoughts on Drinking

Tragedy at Rayad (excellent parable)

"Unless you are a Mormon"  -  story shared by Patricia Holland at a BYU Devotional

Word of Wisdom and Receiving Inspiration  -  Boyd K. Packer

Word of Wisdom   (excerpt from Boyd K. Packer's CES Fireside address)

General Conference Talks

"A Principle with a Promise" - Ezra Taft Benson

"Addiction or Freedom" - Russell M. Nelson

"It Can't Happen to Me" - James E. Faust

"O That Cunning Plan of the Evil One" - M. Russell Ballard

"The Enemy Within" - James E. Faust

"Word of Wisdom -- Principle and Promises" - Boyd K. Packer

"Who is a True Friend?" - Malcolm S. Jeppsen 


Quotes about Caffeine


Quotes  (LDS Daily WOOL)


"The Two Glasses"

BYU Speeches

"The Human Body: A Gift and a Responsibility" - 2013

"Wisdom and Great Treasures of Knowledge"

Additional Articles

Addiction in Utah  -  Deseret News - 2002

"Forces of Habit--Addiction tough to beat"  -  Deseret News

"Parents' influence is a major weapon in war on addictions" - Church News

"Research and Perspectives--Caffeine--the subtle Addiction"

"The Energy Drink Epidemic" - Thomas Boud, M.D. - Ensign

"The Issue of Teenage Drinking" - Church News

"The Magnificence of Man" - Russell M. Nelson

"Ye Are the Temple of God," - David A. Bednar - Ensign

Mormon Ads and Media Images

"A Word of Wisdom: Don't"

"Daniel Refusing the King's Meat and Wine"

"Take Care of Your Temple"


History of W. of W. - Feb. 1833 (2:10)

"Physical and Emotional Health" (7:20)

"Word of Wisdom" (1:48)

Lessons in Church Manuals

"Observing the Word of Wisdom" - Heber J. Grant


LDS.org: Doctrine and Covenants Section 89

LDS.org: The Guide to the Scriptures: "Word of Wisdom"

Family Home Evening Lessons

"Word of Wisdom" (FHE Resource Book at lds.org)

"Word of Wisdom" (year of FHE)

"Word of Wisdom: A Principle with a Promise" (LDSLiving)

"Word of Wisdom" (Sugardoodle.net)

Children's Video: "One in a Mission"

Pics and Quotes