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Quotes of the Latter-day Prophets   (link to WOOL)

Quotes on Following the Living Prophet

General Resources

A Warning Voice - Spencer J. Condie (excerpt from Gen. Conf.)

Birth dates, Death Dates, and Length of Presidency of Latter-day Prophets

Favorite Hymns of the Prophets

Gomer and His Boat    (humorous)

Marion G. Romney and intelligent obedience 

Presidents of the Church Trivia Quiz - Liahona

Sixteen years as a witness  --  Francis M. Gibbons

Special Witnesses of Christ

Ted L. Gibbon's experience

"Wilford Woodruff: A Man of Record" - Ensign

Fun Facts and Trivia Quizzes

"Our Prophets' Places of Baptism" - Friend Magazine

The Prophets Fun Facts: Questions & Answers

The Prophets Trivia and Quizzes

Tip for memorizing order of the prophets of the different dispensations

Trivia Quiz on Latter-day Prophets

BYU Speeches

Abide the Day - Jack N. Gerard - October 29, 2019

"A Still Voice of Perfect Mildness" - Marvin J. Ashton

"Follow the Prophet" - Sheldon F. Child

Hear Him - Weatherford T. Clayton - June 2, 2020

His Sheep Still Hear His Voice - Mark L. Pace - March 16, 2021

Latter-day Prophets I have known - Belle S. Spafford

Lessons Taught By Two Prophets - Cecil O. Samuelson - January 5, 2010

Principles from Prophets - Thomas S. Monson

Put Your Trust in God Continually - Amanda Kingsford - December 8, 2020

Stay Connected: Making It Safely Home - W. Christopher Waddell - October 12, 2021

The Legacy of Learning - Cecil O. Samuelson - August 30, 2005

The Profile of a Prophet - Hugh B. Brown

The Voice of Our Prophet - Sharon G. Samuelson - August 30, 2005

Watchmen on the Tower - David H. Moore - August 2, 2016

We Are All Enlisted - Henry J. Eyring - September 15, 2020

General Conference

A Choice Seer Will I Raise Up - Craig C. Christensen - October 2016

“Continuous Revelation,” James E. Faust - Ensign, Nov. 1989

God Is at the Helm - M. Russell Ballard - October 2015

God Loves His Children - Taniela B. Wakolo - April 2021

Precious Gifts from God - M. Russell Ballard - April 2018

Prophets Speak by the Power of the Holy Spirit - Ulisses Soares - April 2018

Solemn Assembly - Henry B. Eyring - April 2018

Standing with the Leaders of the Church - Ronald A. Rasband - April 2016

The Blessing of Continuing Revelation to Prophets and Personal Revelation to Guide our Lives - Quentin L. Cook - April 2020

The Heart of a Prophet - Gary E. Stevenson - April 2018

The Prophet of God - Neil L. Anderson - April 2018

The Voice of the Lord - Neil L. Andersen - October 2017

Additional Articles

"Church leaders use sense in humor" - Deseret News

Church Presidents (Church Newsroom)

"Early Lessons on Following the Prophet" - Ensign

"Following the Prophets--A Book of Mormon Perspective" - Clyde Williams - Ensign

Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet - Ezra Taft Benson - Liahona

"The Rock of Revelation" (prophecies about future prophets)

MormonAds / New Era Posters

"On Board?"

Mormonads about Prophets


LDS Media Library: Documentaries about each of the Presidents of the Church


"Why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets?

Family Home Evening

"Follow the Prophets" (LDSLiving)

16 lessons - each of the latter-day prophets (LDSLiving)

Library Books and CD's

Classic Stories from the Lives of our Prophets - Leon R. Hartshorn

"In their Own Words: Inspiring autobiographical stories from the lives of the Prophets" - Susan Easton Black - 6 Cds or Paperback (good)

Words to Live By  (Life Strategies of the Latter-day Prophets) by Larry E. Morris

Follow the Living Prophet - by Brent L. Top

The Presidents of the Church - Truman G. Madsen

Promises for Following the Prophets

You can read the promises in three ways. The links below access the promises in Docx and PDF format (you are welcome to download these for free), OR you can see each promise right on this page, below the links.

Promises for Following the Prophets (Word - Docx) - Printable

Promises for Following the Prophets (PDF) - Printable

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against You

“For by doing these things the gates of hell shall not prevail against you; yea, and the Lord God will disperse the powers of darkness from before you, and cause the heavens to shake for your good...” D&C 21:4-6

Neil L. Anderson - April 1996 Ensign, "Teaching Our Children to Love the Prophets".

Unlikely to Ever Fall Into Apostasy

If children all their days in their turn at family prayers and in their secret prayers remember before the Lord the leaders of the Church, they are quite unlikely to ever fall into apostasy.

The children who pray for the brethren will grow up loving them, speaking well of them, honoring and emulating them. Those who daily hear the leaders of the Church spoken of in prayer in deep affection will more likely believe the sermons and admonitions they will hear.

Spencer W. Kimball, "Faith Precedes the Miracle", p. 203.

The Lord's Mouthpiece

The Lord will never let his mouthpiece lead His people astray

Marion G. Romney, Gen. Conf., April 1972, Ensign: July 1972

Great Temporal and Spiritual Strength

“They are the ones who will inspire us to deal with the vicissitudes of our time.”

. . . “Great temporal and spiritual strength flows from following those who have the keys of the kingdom of God in our time. Personal strength and power result from obedience to eternal principles taught by the living legates of the Lord. May the Spirit of God rest upon us as we follow the living oracles.”

President James E. Faust - "The Keys That Never Rust" - General Conference, October 1994

Moved Toward Safety

“Every time that I have listened to the counsel of prophets, felt it confirmed in prayer, and then followed it, I have found that I moved toward safety. Along the path, I have found that the way had been prepared for me and the rough places made smooth. God led me to safety along a path which was prepared with loving care, sometimes prepared long before.

Elder Henry B. Eyring - "Finding Safety in Counsel," General Conference, April 1997; Ensign, May 1997, p. 25

We Cannot Go Astray

We cannot go astray if we listen to the prophet's voice and follow him, and as we do so we will be led in the path of truth and righteousness and enjoy the love, respect, and confidence of our fellowmen, and eventually enjoy eternal life with our Father in Heaven

President N. Eldon Tanner, first counselor in the First Presidency, from an address given during the April 1973 General Conference Ensign: July 1973

Happiness and Spiritual Progress

Happiness and spiritual progress lie in following the leaders of the church.

"The Witness: Martin Harris" - Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Ensign, May 1999, 37

Lead Us to Christ

“Following the prophets will help protect us against the storms of life and lead us to Christ.”

Sheldon F. Child, "A Sure Foundation," Ensign, Nov. 2003, 9

Great and Wonderful Blessings

“ clear, unpolluted, unbiased voice that we can always count on. ...a voice that will always give us clear directions to find our way in today's troubled world.

...“Great and wonderful are the blessings that come into our lives as we listen to the word of the Lord given to us through him.”

...“I make you a promise. It's a simple one, but it is true. If you will listen to the living prophet and the apostles and heed our counsel, you will not go astray.

M. Russell Ballard, "Follow the Prophet," New Era, Sept. 2001, 4

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